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In The Mood – Glenn Miller 1941

In The Mood – Glenn Miller 1941

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Obama at the United Nations

September 12, 2012

Obama At the United Nations

Did the Left Elect a Muslim President?

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The White Side of the Black Story


The White Side of the Black Story

This is the reason CNN has dropped Pat Buchanan.
It’s like Newt Gingrich said,
“You’re not supposed to bring up uncomfortable Facts.”
(verified on Buchanan’s website and

BUCHANAN TO OBAMA:              By Patrick J. Buchanan

Barack says we need to have a conversation about race in America ..
Fair enough. But this time, it has to be a two-way conversation…

White America needs to be heard from,
not just lectured to….
This time, the Silent Majority needs to have its convictions, grievances and demands heard.

And among them are these:

First, America has been the best country on earth for black folks. It
was here that 600,000 black people, brought from Africa in slave ships, grew into a community of 40 million, were introduced to Christian salvation, and reached the greatest levels of freedom and prosperity blacks have ever known…
Jeremiah Wright ought to go down on his knees and thank God he is an American.

Second, no people anywhere has done more to lift up blacks than white Americans. Untold trillions have been spent since the ’60s on welfare, food stamps, rent supplements, Section 8 housing, Pell grants, student loans, legal services, Medicaid, Earned Income Tax Credits and poverty programs designed to bring the African-American community into the mainstream. Governments, businesses and colleges have engaged in discrimination against white folks — with affirmative action, contract set-asides and quotas — to advance black applicants over white applicants. Churches, foundations, civic groups, schools and individuals all over America have donated their time and money to support soup kitchens, adult education, day care, retirement and nursing homes for blacks.

We hear the grievances. Where is the gratitude??

Barack talks about new ‘ladders of opportunity’ for blacks.
Let him go to Altoona ? And Johnstown, and ask the white kids in Catholic schools how many were visited lately by Ivy League recruiters handing out scholarships for ‘deserving’ white kids…?

Is white America really responsible for the fact that the crime and incarceration rates for African-Americans are seven times those of white America ?

Is it really white America ‘s fault that illegitimacy in the African-American community has hit 70 percent and the black dropout rate from high schools in some cities has reached 50 percent?

Is that the fault of white America or, first and foremost, a failure of
the black community itself?

As for racism, its ugliest manifestation is in interracial crime, and
especially interracial crimes of violence. Is Barack Obama aware that while white criminals choose black victims 3 percent of the time, black criminals choose white victims 45 percent of the time?

Is Barack aware that black-on-white rapes are 100 times more common than the reverse, that black-on-white robberies were 139 times as common in the first three years of this decade as the reverse?

We have all heard ad nauseam from the Rev. Al about Tawana Brawley, the Duke rape case and Jena . And all turned out to be hoaxes. But about the epidemic of black assaults on whites that are real, we hear nothing.

Sorry, Barack, some of us have heard it all before, about 40 years and 40 trillion tax dollars ago. This needs to be passed around because, this is a message everyone needs to hear!!!

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Trey Gowdy Gets Standing Ovation on House Floor

December 13, 2014, U S House of Representatives, Washington, D.C.

Trey  Gowdy Gets Standing Ovation on House Floor;  ‘ENFORCE THE LAW ACT”

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The Trunk Monkey

The Trunk Monkey

We All Need One of These…………………  (4 short videos)


Spread Some Happyness

Gourmet Meal at a Homeless Shelter

December 21, 2014

Judge Jeanine Pirro, Fox News Opening Statement…….. No One Has Stated the facts more clearly, except the NYC Police Department…………where their  Boss is the racist Mayor of NYC.  

Obama, Holder, De Blasio, & Al Sharpton Have Blood on their Hands for the Execution of Two NY Police Officers.   


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USAF Music In the Smithsonian

USAF Music In the Smithsonian

Published on Dec 5, 2013

Starting with a single cellist on the floor of the National Air and Space Museum’s “Milestones of Flight” gallery, and swelling to 120 musicians, The U.S. Air Force Band exhilarated museum visitors with its first-ever flash mob. The four-minute performance featured an original arrangement of “Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring/Joy to the World,” led by the band’s commander and conductor, Col. Larry H. Lang. Unsuspecting museum visitors including tourists and school groups were astonished as instrumentalists streamed into the gallery from behind airplanes and space capsules, and vocalists burst into song from the Museum’s second floor balcony.

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My Way …. Andre Rieu

My Way …. Andre Rieu

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You Raise Me Up

 You Raise Me Up

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