Posted by: bj | June 21, 2010

Obama Loans Brazil 2 (Could go to $10) Billion for Offshore Drilling

This was first posted on August 23, 2009.  Very  relevant today –

Obama embraces offshore drilling in Brazil  by  giving  billions of $ in loans to the State owned oil company.   But  Obama is against offshore drilling in the US to promote US energy independence.   Thursday, August 18, 2009.

This is truly amazing.  I think  even the liberals can now admit that the Obama administration has no interest in American Energy Independence from middle eastern oil.    They are opposed to anything to do with fossil fuel exploration in the US.  The environmentalists  have them by the throat.

 The Ex-Im Bank says this was done so US companies can have the opportunity to sell drilling equipment to Brazil.  Does any one else in the world  have the best offshore drilling equipment to sell to anyone?  I don’t think so.

It turns out that the real loan could grow to $10 billion and George Soros, one of the largest contributors to the left wing and  the Obama administration, has invested $811 million in cash.  This $811 million represents 22% of the “Soros Fund Management,  LLC total capital of $3.68 billion.

Hey;  this sounds like a good deal.   Can I put some money in this deal?  How does Soros invest in a state owned oil company?  I thought state owned oil companies were owned by  Countries, not people?   To top off this Obama hypocrisy and fraud,  Brasil will sell all the  produced  to China.



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