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Bill Barr, AG,Confirms FBI Spying on Trump, etc.

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The Lone Ranger Story

The Lone Ranger Story  


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Clinton Cash (The Movie)

Clinton Cash (The Movie)








November 15, 2019 – AG Barr Attacks the Tactics of “The Resistance”

San Francisco DA will not prosecute robberies under $950; public defecation, most illegal aliens, etc., let alone support the SF Police Department.

His parents (convicted of murder) were members of the Weather Underground and he was raised by the Founders of the Weather Underground Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohnr (All Terrorists and Murderers).

Before coming to San Francisco, Boudin was a translator for Hugo Chavez, Communist President of Venezuela. (another terrorist / murderer)

God Help Our San Francisco.

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Hillary Endorses Trump

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“Thank God for the Deep State”

Says John McLaughlin, Former CIA Boss

These Guys are racing each other to see who will be the first to go over the cliff. When the TRUTH COMES OUT they will wish they never opened their mouth. (If /When the Media Publishes the TRUTH)

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The Growth of Religions Since 1945: God Help Us!

The Growth of Religions Since 1945: God Help Us!

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MAGA: By the American People:

We Are All in the Same Boat

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