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Tijuana Border Crossing News

Tijuana Border Crossing  News  

From San Diego TV Station

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Twenty Least Affordable Counties in the US.

Twenty Least Affordable Counties in the US.

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EPA Shuts down last US Lead Smelting Operation

EPA Shuts down last US Lead Smelting Operation

Rejecting the Second Amendment through the back door.

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CLINTON CASH – The Movie –

CLINTON CASH – The Movie –

This is a MUST LISTEN TO MOVIE……………………….


Man Saves Dog:  Dog Saves Hummingbird:  Hummingbird ………………….

This is Cool

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Eighteen of Foster Brooks’s appearances at the Dean Martin Celebrity Roasts in roughly the order in which they were recorded.

The roastees are, in order,
Johnny Carson
Hubert Humphrey
Leo Durocher
Don Rickles
Jack Benny
George Washington
Dan Rowan & Dick Martin
Bob Hope
Telly Savalas
Lucille Ball
Jackie Gleason
Sammy Davis Jr
Muhammad Ali
Dean Martin (MC Don Rickles)
Dennis Weaver
Jack Klugman
Jimmy Stewart
Betty White


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Dr. Peter Pry, Discusses EMP Threat


Dr. Peter Pry, Discusses EMP Threat

EMPs represent the highest catastrophic threat to the existence of the United States.  If an EMP was successfully detonated over the US, the loss of the electric grid could kill over 90% of our population in 12 months, and put us back into the dark ages.  This could happen tomorrow!  (This is a must Listen to)

“The Weapon of Mass Destruction That’s Concerned Me the Most”

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Best Mc Donald’s Ad of all Time

Best Mc Donald’s Ad of all Time

February 11, 2015, Washington D, C,  U S Admiral (Ret) James “ACE” Lyons

“The Obama Strategy is: Anti-American, Anti-Western, Pro-Islamis, Pro-Iranian & Pro-Muslim Brotherhood”

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Incredible Photos From Around the World


Incredible Photos From Around the World

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