The FBI, CIA & DOJ Tried to Rig the Election in 2016, 2020 and 2022 with no consequences. The whistle blowers have tried to ring the alarm bell and they get ripped to shreds by the FBI and the IRS (despite the Whistleblower law against repercussions). The Director of the FBI, refuses to Give James Comer FBI form FD 1023, which has been subpoenaed by Congress alleging former VP Biden in a Criminal Bribery Scheme. James Comer already has thousands of ACTUAL bank records showing millions of $ flowing from the Chinese Communist Party and many other foreign countries to over 9 Biden Family Members through 20 LLCs. And the above is only the TIP of the ICEBERG.

If the FBI, DOJ and CIA don’t try and fix the election in November 2024, and a Republican President is elected, they will face a complete investigation and potentially treason and prison if found guilty by a newly elected Republican Majority in 2025. The FBI Director has until May 31, 2023 to respond or he will face “Contempt of Congress” charges which could result in being put in prison.


Victor Davis Hanson and Others

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The Rest of the Story

The Rest of the Story 

Richard Boynton was born in 1941 to unwed parents; his mother was only 15.  He was placed in an institution and put up for adoption.

His parents, still unwed, visited him in the institution.  The father wanted to steal the baby, but the mother refused.  The father thenwalked two blocks away and committed suicide.

After two years Dick was adopted by a wealthy family in Massachusetts.  As a young man he migrated to California and became a journalist.  Along his life’s journey, he married a wealthy hippie artist.  One of her ancestors was the largest cattle rancher in California and the largest landowner in the United States.  Dick and his wife had two sons, but after about ten years of marriage, she left to pursue a free spirited lifestyle.  He gained custody of the two boys and next married a wealthy heiress in the food industry.  The heiress was a niece of Senator J. William Fulbright of Arkansas.  She eventually adopted the boys.

As a writer for Look magazine he wrote an article that claimed San Francisco Mayor Joseph Alioto had ties to organized crime.  Alioto sued and after four trials was victorious.  The case resulted in the demise of Look.

Dick then moved to Los Angeles and did a series of television stories about a car promotion fraud.  The central person in the fraud was exposed as a transgender (man to woman).  Dick was presented a Peabody Award for his work in this exposure.  His next job was with a television station in San Diego where he helped expose Dr. Renee Richards, the famous female tennis player, as a transgender (man to woman).

Dick’s next job was a banker with the San Diego Savings and Loan that had ties with California Governor Ronald Reagan.  In 1986President Reagan appointed him to head the Voice of America.  In 1992 he was appointed by President George H. W. Bush to be the CEO of the Corporation of Public Broadcasting.  In the late 1990’s Dick became the head of King World Productions which syndicated TV shows “Oprah,” “Wheel of Fortune,” and “Jeopardy.”  In 1999 King was bought by CBS for 2.5 million dollars.

These are just some of the jobs and positions held by Dick Carlson.  His second wife (the heiress) was Patricia Swanson.  He is still alive today and working as a lobbyist.  Oh, by the way, his eldest son is Tucker Carlson.

And as Paul Harvey would say, “NOW YOU KNOW THE REST OF THE STORY!”

And the climate warming frauds use false data and “Junk Science” in their “Climate Warming” models to achieve their desired result

This “GREEN ENERGY HOAX” is the biggest problem being pushed by the Left. IT IS THE CRIME OF THE CENTURY

Here are the facts in one paragraph:

So Called Green house gas is carbon dioxide, The air we breath is 4 parts CO2 and 10,000 parts other elements including Oxygen. That is .04%; That is 25,000 % less than 1.00%. CO2 is absorbed by all plant life on earth and produces Oxygen which all human life needs to live. If we reduce CO2, like the HOAX SPONSORS promote, All PLANT LIFE ON EARTH WOULD BE THREATENED ; WHICH IN TURN WOULD ELIMINATE ALL HUMAN LIFE ON EARTH.

This is only one result of the Left trying to eliminate greenhouse gas from the atmosphere.


The politicians need to stop trying to alter GOD’s CREATION.

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Ayn Rand, 1957

Obama Crime from 2012, But we now at least know how he became rich

Rule of Law in NY: If you are a criminal in NY, They put you back on the street and Indict or lock up the victim, even when you were the former president of the United States.

(Previously removed by youtube) Now Free

G-d help us. The climate and racial  hoax on steroids.

  • President Joe Biden will sign an executive order directing federal agencies to invest in disadvantaged communities disproportionately affected by pollution and climate change, the White House said.
  • The president, who is preparing to announce his reelection bid next week, will make the announcement during a ceremony at the White House Rose Garden.

President Biden signed an executive order on Friday directing all federal agencies to make it their “mission” to work toward “environmental justice for all.”

The order, which comes one day before Earth Day, also creates a White House Office of Environmental Justice. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency defines environmental justice as “the fair treatment and meaningful involvement of all people regardless of race, color, national origin, or income with respect to the development, implementation and enforcement of environmental laws, regulations and policies.”

The order aims to “better protect overburdened communities from pollution and environmental harms.” It claims that “racism is a fundamental driver of environmental injustice,” according to the White House.

“For far too long, communities across our country have faced persistent environmental injustice through toxic pollution, underinvestment in infrastructure and critical services, and other disproportionate environmental harms often due to a legacy of racial discrimination,” the White House said.

The directive would also require federal agencies to notify communities if toxic substances are released from a federal facility.

“This is about people’s health. It’s about the health of our communities. It’s only about the future of our planet,” Biden said during a signing ceremony at the White House on Friday.


China’s latest move to expose Hunter Biden’s shady dealings with its state-owned energy companies is a clear sign of its intention to pressure and blackmail President Joe Biden, who has been weak and indecisive on confronting the communist regime.

According to a report by The Washington Times, two Republican senators, Ron Johnson and Charles Grassley, obtained bank records from Cathay Bank, a Chinese-American bank with offices in China, that show millions of dollars flowing from Chinese companies to Hunter Biden and his uncle James Biden.The bank records show that CEFC China Energy, a now-defunct company with ties to the Chinese Communist Party, wired $1 million to Hudson West III, a joint venture owned by Hunter Biden and Gongwen Dong, a business associate of CEFC’s founder and chairman, Ye Jianming.Another Chinese company, Northern International Capital Holdings, which is also linked to CEFC and the CCP, wired $5 million to Hudson West III.

The money was then used to fund a $4.8 million wire transfer from Hudson West III to Hunter Biden’s companies Owasco P.C. and Owasco LLC, and Lion Hall Group, a company owned by James Biden.The Cathay Bank records also show that Hudson West III paid Hunter Biden a $500,000 retainer fee plus $100,000 per month, while James Biden was paid $65,000 per month. The transactions took place between August 2017 and October 2018, after Joe Biden left the Obama administration and was preparing for his presidential run

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These revelations are shocking and disturbing for several reasons. First, they confirm that Hunter Biden and his family were cashing in on Joe Biden’s influence and access to foreign leaders, especially those of America’s adversaries. Second, they expose the extent of Hunter Biden’s involvement with CEFC, a company that was sanctioned by the US government for its role in advancing China’s military and geopolitical ambitions. Third, they suggest that China was using Hunter Biden as a conduit to influence and compromise Joe Biden, who has been soft on China throughout his political career.

It is no coincidence that Cathay Bank, which is based in Los Angeles but has offices in China, was the only American bank that voluntarily turned over the bank records requested by the senators. Every other American bank denied their requests for financial records. This indicates that Cathay Bank was acting under pressure or instruction from the Chinese government, which wanted to send a message to Joe Biden that it has the goods on him and his son. This is a classic tactic of blackmail and intimidation that China has used against other foreign leaders and officials who have crossed its interests. By leaking Hunter Biden’s bank records, China is warning Joe Biden that it can expose more of his son’s dirty secrets at any time, and that he better toe the line on issues such as Taiwan, Hong Kong, human rights, trade, and COVID-19.

This is a serious threat to America’s national security and democracy. Joe Biden cannot be trusted to stand up to China when he is beholden to its money and influence. He has already shown signs of weakness and appeasement towards Beijing, such as rejoining the WHO without demanding accountability for its role in covering up the pandemic, lifting sanctions on Iranian oil exports that benefit China, and downplaying China’s genocide of Uyghurs as a “cultural norm”.

We need a president who will confront China with strength and resolve, not one who will cower and capitulate under its pressure. We need a president who will put America first, not one who will sell out America for his son’s profit. We need a president who will protect our values and interests, not one who will endanger them for his family’s benefit.

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George Carlin – The Modern Man –

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Boeing Aircraft Assembly Line

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Detroit and Declining Cities / States

In 1950 Detroit Michigan was the SHINING CITY ON A HILL. The population was 1,850,000.

In 2021, 71 years later, the population of Detroit was 630,000.

Detroit has been run by a liberal democratic politicians, every year for 71 years.

The left leaning politicians are currently causing the loss of population from BLUE states and cities like New York, Philadelphia, Portland, Seattle, San Francisco, Chicago, Atlanta, Saint Louis Baltimore, etc. to Red states with lower taxes and more freedom.

The loss of population and thus tax revenue, and increase in crime, in Liberal Blue states will continue the slow destruction of Blue states and cities like Detroit unless the voters solve the problem by electing more conservative politicians.

I appears that the people in Chicago, continue to go down the same road to destruction of the above cities and states in their election of 2 days ago by getting rid of Lori Lightfoot, a horrible mayor for an even worse choice, Brandon Johnson, who wants to get rid of the police and increase taxes.

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January 6, 2021 A Setup.


 April 5, 2023

For millions of Americans, the things they were told about events which occurred at the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021, just didn’t add up. The corrupt mainstream media denounced a demonstration, a protest that turned chaotic, as an insurrection. Anyone and everyone present at the Capitol that day, was deemed a radical anarchist primed to overthrow the government.

But what Americans were not told was the truth. Leftist Democrats manipulated the narrative. These radical liberals have cherry-picked through surveillance video to make the situation appear far worse than it ever was. While there were a select few who triggered riotous violence, for the most part the patriotic Americans present simply used poor judgment.

Sure, there were dozens of protesters who should be held accountable for poor judgment. However, the list of those engaging in felonious criminal activity was minimal. But worst of all, even those who committed more serious crimes were lured into breaking the law. The whole January 6 debacle was staged.

The evidence is overwhelming! Nearly two dozen documented incidents of embedded law enforcement officials triggering the chaos. The left used federal officers, the FBI, and state officials to incite violence. Then, the handpicked what visual evidence was shared with the American public.

What the left had, was a perfectly scripted narrative that made January 6 look like something it simply was not. The FBI planted multiple secret moles inside various groups that attended the January 6 “stop the steal” protests. Some have come clean and admitted to inciting violence. Here’s a list of the more blatant examples of how the left staged the January 6 riots.

Fact 1: The FBI infiltrated the Proud Boys, but the informant has since exonerated the Proud Boys of any conspiracy. Multiple members of the Proud Boys were arrested and falsely charged with crimes they never committed. In fact, a plant triggered the laws they did break.

Fact 2: The FBI has since admitted they began spying operations inside the Proud Boys as early as November 2022. Facts now reveal that the FBI had at least 8 informants secretly planted inside the organization during the months leading to January 6.

Fact 3: The FBI used wiretaps of friends and family members (including children) and spied on January 6 protesters leading up to the actual protest date. They used much of this information to fabricate phony charges against hundreds of such people.

Fact 4: There were nearly two dozen undercover FBI and ATF operatives and three undercover police officers orchestrating operations and directing the crowd. These individuals can be seen on recently released surveillance video opening doors and escorting protesters on January 6.

Fact 5: There have been dozens of individuals, people who were clearly violent, who conveniently have disappeared. Not a single one of these people has been charged with any crime. However, these are the people who caused most of the problems. They were plants.

Fact 6: A Capitol Hill police officer told other officers that the undercover cops had thin wristbands on. No one is certain of the color; the reason is clear. This was a highly coordinated government operation with dozens, perhaps hundreds, of implanted spies.

Fact 7: The final truth may be the most disturbing of all. It has now been revealed that the FBI embedded a federal operative with the legal team of one of the January 6 defendants. Former US Marine Zachary Rehl is a non-violent January 6 prisoner still being held. The corrupt FBI has been exposed for infiltrating Rehl’s defense team with a mole!

These are just a handful of nearly a dozen incidents of corruption within federal and state law enforcement that helped stage January 6. It was not an insurrection. January 6 was a set-up. The left used the chaos to divert attention away from the real issue, a stolen election. Then, they used the incident in yet another bogus attempt to destroy President Trump.

What happened on January 6 is horrific. It truly is a threat to U.S. democracy. However, it’s not what the left would have Americans believe. But what do we do? Do we keep talking about ad nauseam, or do we do something? There must be justice for those wrongfully persecuted. Nevertheless, the best way to fight this corruption is with one weapon, our vote.

Americans across the nation, those of all political ideologies, must band together to stop this corrupt derailment of our democracy. We must all collectively band together to win this battle. It is a war for our nation’s heart and soul.

Every election between now and November 2024, from the smallest community-based special votes to national elections, is the battlefield. Americans must defeat the radical leftists’ push to take over our country. We must do it with our vote, and we must do now it or else!

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March 4, 2023: Trump Speech at CPAC

Another very uplifting speech by Donald Trump. Every time Trump gives a speech I feel more confident than ever,about the future of America. He is going to make most of the deep state disappear and He will MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN. I am very confident in that outcome.

1:45 but you will want to listen to the entire speech.

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The Japan Light Train

Nancy Pelosi cares about her democratic party 100% and her country ZERO Percent.–Alexandria-Pelosi–Nancy-s-Daughter–Footage-Released—J6-Was-NOT-an-Insurrection–You-Know-That–

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NFL Super Bowl 19 Years Ago

Compare Super Bowl # 39 to Super Bowl 2023

THE USA is Falling Apart Very Quickly

Amazon Bans Books

and MORE

After Mr. Bobulinski, is told by Tebow, they will have follow up interviews with him, the interviews between Bolulinski and/or his attorneys never happen. After Bobulinski is convinced the FBI is not looking into all the thousands of pages and proof of his revelations, Tony Bobulinski goes on Tucker Carlson Tonight 24 months ago, and tells the Tucker Audience “the whole story.”

Fast forward to today, October 4, 2022, After no response from the FBI in 24 months Tony Bobulinski is interviewed again by Tucker Carlson, Tonight, October 4, 2022.

Bobulinski’s goal 24 months ago was to inform the American Public about his Biden findings. The Presidential 2020 election was won by 21,501 votes in 3 counties. If the Tony Bobulinski information was disseminated by the FBI, CBS, ABC, NBC, MSNBC, CNN, PBS and other left leaning media 24 months ago, it is highly probable that Trump would still be President.

Bobulinski’s goal today is unchanged.

In summary, this is proof the FBI is and has been involved in ELECTION FRAUD and Tony Bobulinski needs to be PROTECTED AND HONOED AS A TRUE AMERICAN HERO.

Biden (in early February 2022)has said if Russia invades Ukraine “we will bring an end to Nord Stream 2. Ms.Toria Newman, a long time fixture at the State Department, also said the same thing in January, 2022. See Tucker below at 3:50 (11:29 total)

He also said it would not affect any decision to run for President again.

September 12, 2022: Tucker Carlson Tonight – Must Watch: Biden is now requiring (DEMANDING and the FBI is TAKING) Private Communication (including mobile phones) from over 40 MAGA supporters. The DOJ through armed FBI Agents is suppressing political dissent through harassment of hundreds of Trump Supporters. This THREAT to Silence Dissent and Free Speech is an Outrageous ASSAULT against the American System.

Now the DOJ is UNLAWFULLY Issuing Subpoenas on Major Trump Employees, Attorneys and Friends

Just the News: Sept 13, 2022:

For the Hillary Paid for Trump – Russia Investigation from 2016 to the Fall of 2020, knowing that he had ties to Russian Intelligence.

This is the TIP of the ICEBERG that could lead to a treasure trove of discovery in the trial beginning on October 16, 2022

Russia even believes in this Climate Change BULL SHIT. At the end of the interview when the Newsman asks him: “How can this be true when most worlds scientists believe humans cause global warming, Piers is cut off just as he finishes saying: “They are on the gravy train for heavens sake”

And Hillary Gets a free pass. Unbelievable !!

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