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Reasons to Recall Gavin Newsom

General Milley:

  1. The White Rage you rant about is a phrase created by the Left. It does not exist.
  2. Thousands of people did not assault the Capital on January 6.
  3. The only casualty was a retired former US Air-force lady murdered by an un-named Capital Police officer.
  4. To stop the so called assault that never happened you were one of several people personally responsible (according to your own words) for putting up a “ring of steel” around the capital to keep the “Nazis” – your words, (“Trump supporters” out.

Yes, We certainly have “diversity” in our the Biden / Harris Administration.

 “Dr. Rachel Levine will bring the steady leadership and essential expertise we need to get people through this pandemic — no matter their zip code, race, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, or disability — and meet the public health needs of our country in this critical moment and beyond,” Biden said in a statement.“

She is a historic and deeply qualified choice to help lead our administration’s health efforts.” Dr. Rachel Levine is one of only a few openlytransgender government officials in the United States,[4] and is the first to hold an office that requires Senate confirmation. 

She’s promoting good health and serves as the United States primary advisor on matters involving the nation’s public health policies.  

Click on link in red below:


Sky News Australia on Biden. 

You have to be embarrassed for the American people as the rest of the whole world is watching your political leaders being compared to as clowns. This is a typical News broadcast from Australia & the same is happening in Europe. 

The world is laughing at the USA. Who voted for these idiots?

The Communist DA in San Francisco will not arrest anyone in any theft crimes involving less than $950. He calls it a justified “redistribution of wealth”. Walgreens has already closed 17 stores in San Francisco.

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How Fortunate We Are! Be Grateful –

The population of Earth is around 7.8 Billion.
For most people, it is a large figure, that is all.
However, if you condensed  7.8 billion in the world into 100 persons, and then into various percentage statistics.
The resulting analysis is relatively much easier to comprehend.   
Out of 100:
11 are in Europe5 are in North America9 are in South America 15 are in Africa 60 are in Asia 
49 live in the countryside 51 live in cities 
12 speak Chinese 5 speak Spanish 5 speak English 3 speak Arabic 3 speak Hindi 3 speak Bengali 3 speak Portuguese 2 speak Russian 2 speak Japanese 62 speak their own language. 
77 have their own houses 23 have no place to live. 
21 are over-nourished 63 can eat full 15 are under-nourished 1 ate the last meal, but did not make it to the next meal. 
The daily cost of living for 48 is less than 2 USD (2 USD). 
87 have clean drinking water 13 either lack clean drinking water or have access to a water source that is polluted. 
75 have mobile phones 25 do not. 
30 have internet access 70 do not have conditions to go online 
7 received university education 93 did not attend college. 
83 can read 17 are illiterate. 
33 are Christians 22 are Muslims 14 are Hindus 7 are Buddhists 12 are other religions 12 have no religious beliefs. 
26 live less than 14 years 66 died between 15 – 64 years of age 8 are over 65 years old. 
If you have your own home, Eat full meals & drink clean water, Have a mobile phone, Can surf the internet, and have gone to college, You are in the minuscule privileged lot. (in the less than 7% category) 

Amongst 100 persons in the world, only 8 can live or exceed the age of 65. If you are over 65 years old, be content & grateful.  Cherish life, grasp the moment. 
You did not leave this world before the age of 64 years like the 92 persons who have gone before you. You are already the blessed amongst mankind. 
Take good care of your own health. Cherish every remaining moment. 

Only if you think you are suffering memory loss! 
AnosognosiaVery interesting… 
In the following analysis the French Professor Bruno Dubois Director of the Institute of Memory and Alzheimer’s Disease (IMMA) at La Pitié-Salpêtrière – Paris Hospitals addresses the subject in a rather reassuring way: 
“If anyone is aware of his memory problems, he does not have Alzheimer’s.” 
1. I forget the names of families .. 2. I do not remember where I put some things .. 
It often happens in people 60 years and older that they complain that they lack memory. “The information is always in the brain, it is the “processor” that is lacking.” 
This is “Anosognosia” or temporary forgetfulness. 
Half of people 60 and older have some symptoms that are due to age rather than disease. 
The most common cases are: 
– forgetting the name of a person, – going to a room in the house and not remembering why we were going there, – a blank memory for a movie title or actor, an actress, – a waste of time searching where we left our glasses or keys … After 60 years most people have such a difficulty, which indicates that it is not a disease but rather a characteristic due to the passage of years .. 
Many people are concerned about these oversights hence the importance of the following statement: 
“Those who are conscious of being forgetful have no serious problem of memory.” “Those who suffer from a memory illness or Alzheimer’s, are not aware of what is happening.” 
Professor Bruno Dubois, Director of IMMA, reassures the majority of people concerned about their oversights: 
“The more we complain about memory loss, the less likely we are to suffer from memory sickness.” 
Now for a little neurological test: 
Only use your eyes! 
1- Find the C in the table below!
2- If you have already found the C, then find the 6 in the table below. 
99999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999 99999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999 99999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999 69999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999 99999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999 99999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999 
3- Now find the N in the table below. Attention, it’s a little more difficult! 

If you pass these three tests without problem: 
– you can cancel your annual visit to the neurologist. – your brain is in perfect shape! – you are far from having any relationship with Alzheimer’s. 
So, share this with your over-55 friends, it can reassure them..

After you read the letter, make your day by clicking on the link in the first sentence and quickly scanning the document.  Unbelievable what’s happening out there, and we’re allowing it to happen! And here I didn’t even know I didn’t like the AMA …

Julio Gonzalez, M.D., J.D.

Dear Sir and Madam,

I read with great disgust your “Organization Strategic Plan to Embed Racial Justice and Advance Health Equity.”  Seldom have I read a more destructive, divisive, and inflammatory document by a professional organization, and I have never been more ashamed of being associated with the American Medical Association at any time in my career.  

The suggestion that our country owes anyone “equity” because of “past injustices” is revolting.  My family arrived in this country in 1961.  We have not been a party to any of the injustices that occurred so many decades ago, yet you hold my family, my colleagues, and me in the same light that you hold the cruelest slaveholder.  How dare you say that I, a person who is forced to answer on a census form as being white/Caucasian, but who on a different question answers Hispanic/Latino/Cuban, should be in anyway held responsible for those who traded slaves and the African chieftains who willingly sold their tribesmen and women to the Europeans four hundred years ago?  

How dare you say that I, and every one of my colleagues who have spent our lives treating the poor, minorities, majorities, and anyone else who may stumble into our emergency rooms, legally or not, without bias or favor, and without any chance of being reimbursed for our training and our efforts, should be thought of as members of an oppressive consortium designed to inflict evil or inequity to those who we selflessly treat?

How dare you join the countless number of camouflaged communists who furtively and purposely try to confuse those around them by conflating equity with equality? Ours is a nation built on the premise of equal standing under the law and only that.  Everything else is to be achieved through excellence, dedication, training, and hard work.  

Equity, on the other hand, is achieved by fiat, by taking from some and giving it to others at the point of a gun.  Few better ruses exist for the state control of the means of production than through the illusory promise of achieving equity instead of equal standing under the law. This is a dangerous track you are entering from which you and the social system you seek may never be able to return. 

You claim that we live in a land that was taken from Native Americans hundreds of years ago.  That may be so, but you neglect that the same is true of all other civilizations on earth. The Babylonians invaded Israel. The Norwegians invaded England. The Visigoths invaded Rome.  Rome invaded Egypt and North Africa.  The Turks invaded Constantinople.  The Mongols invaded Europe.  The Germans invaded Russia.  The Russians starved their people.  The Germans committed holocaust upon the Jews.  The Calusas ransacked and sacrificed their neighboring tribes.  The Caribes attacked and imprisoned the Taínos.  The Mayans continuously conquered each other and tore their victims’ hearts out while they were still beating.  Mao starved 69 million people and the People’s Republic of China killed millions with their latest virus.

Every single civilization, even those in Africa and the Far East, have conquered and been conquered.  It is a fact of life and a staple of history.  Your skewed and biased view of the events that took place between the Europeans and Native Americans while ignoring every other injustice carried out throughout history upon the very groups against which you point an accusatory finger is ignorant, hypocritical, and insulting to the 100% of us living Americans who played no part in the invasion nor were victims of the conquests.  

You have abused your position as the self-proclaimed purveyor of the medical profession to promote a self-proclaimed social(ist) agenda against the will of so many of those whom you falsely claim to represent.  

I will oppose you with all my being, all my strength, my intellect, and my voice.  I will oppose you from here to the ends of the earth.  I will oppose you because of your disgusting abuse of the great privilege that has been bestowed upon you, and because of the great insult you asperse upon me by suggesting that I carry anything other than love, charity, and good will towards every human being that I meet and have treated in my 30 years of practice as a physician.

There is a magnificent document whose signers pledged their Lives, their Fortunes, and their Sacred Honor to a cause much greater than themselves.  Today, I pledge the same in opposition of you.  

Here’s to seeing the end of your filthy, disgusting, and vile organization.  

Julio Gonzalez, M.D., J.D.
Former Florida State Representative
Former Congressional Candidate

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Liberal Policies are Destroying San Francisco

Only One in a long list of Once Beautiful Cities like Detroit, Baltimore, New York, Chicago, LA, etc. run by the Democrat Party for many years.

In 1950 Detroit was “Americas Shining City”; population of 1,850,000. Today, 71 years later, population is 650,000 and still declining.

A Collapsing San Francisco Is About to Lose Nearly Half Its Residents and Democrats Are Only Fueling the Fire, (Well Duh)

 By Brandon Morse | Jul 01, 2021 

AP Photo/Jeff Chiu

To say that San Francisco is in decline would be an understatement. The city that once captured the hearts and minds of everyone who saw it is a shadow of what it once was thanks to skyrocketing crime, rampant drug addiction, and Democrat policies that continue to worsen every problem it has. Now, San Francisco residents are so tired of drowning in the issues that nearly half of them are planning to pack up and leave.

According to CBS San Francisco, the city’s Chamber of Commerce conducted a poll with more than five hundred registered voters and found that over 40 percent of the residents said they planned to move out of the city in the next few years.

Residents blame the horrifying state of the city only made worse by the COVID-19 pandemic lockdowns according to CBS:

Lindsay Stevens just finished moving out over the weekend.

“There’s nothing worse than seeing such a beautiful place in such disarray, and I really thought I was going to be sad when the movers loaded up the last container on Saturday, and I have never been more relieved,” said Stevens.

After more than 12 years in San Francisco, Stevens recently sold her place and moved to the Palm Springs area.

“I honestly think in the last three years, we’ve seen a massive decline in the quality of life and that was only enhanced over COVID,” she said. “The homelessness has been a severe problem, people are not feeling safe walking their dog… the number of break-ins seem to be constantly on the rise.”

Her feelings are reflected in the results of the chamber’s poll.

CBS notes that 80 percent of San Francisco residents believe that crime has worsened over the years with 70 percent saying the quality of life had declined. Almost everyone believes homelessness has worsened with only 12 percent saying it hasn’t, and making you wonder about their cognitive capacity.

They are correct in their feelings. As I reported on Tuesday, San Francisco has seen a 753 percent spike in car break-ins and a 75 percent increase in thefts. The unbelievable spike in crime has San Francisco residents, some of the most leftist people in the United States, wishing for the police force back that they defunded and will continue to defund over the course of two years.

(READ: The Most Left-Leaning of the Leftist Cities Wants Its Police Force Back)

So, what are the Democrats going to do about it? As reported by the Daily Wire, Mayor London Breed is going to take care of the problem “in a holistic manner.”

“In order to support the City, its residents, and our economic recovery, serious investments need to be made. Mayor [London] Breed has laid out budgets which target these issues in a holistic manner, and they lay the groundwork for serious solutions,” said San Francisco Chamber of Commerce president and CEO Rodney Fong.

In other words, Breed is going to use $1 billion to expand conservatorship over San Franciscans with severe mental illness, including court-ordered treatments for them.

No plan to restore jobs or putting a halt to the defunding of the city’s police department which has proven to have a direct correlation to increasing crime rates. Nope. San Francisco Democrats are going to spend money to become babysitters to San Francisco’s homeless.

If you’re in the city, get out.

Amazing ……………..

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US Government Irony

Latest News: The Food Stamp Program, administered by the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, is proud to be distributing the greatest amount of free meals and food stamps ever – to 46 million people.

Meanwhile, the National Park Service, administered by the U.S. Dept. of the Interior, asks us to “Please Do Not Feed the Animals.”  Their stated reason for the policy is because “the animals will grow dependent on handouts and will not learn to take care of themselves.”                          

After the School board closed the meeting at 5:45 pm (scheduled from 5:00 to 7:00) after receiving 45 minutes of school parents criticism.

And Matthew Liao, Professor of Bioengineering and Philosophy at New York University, at the World Science Festival in 2016 promotes “Human Engineering” to fix world problems like Climate Change and “eating to much red meat”.

The new model is, “we just use pharmaceuticals to make people comply.” If your kids are getting uppity, dope them out, and they’ll obey. And Liao proposes a nationwide system like that, a pill that would make people nauseous at the site of hamburgers and red meat. This is incredibly sick thinking.

Biden just gives Putin the ROADMAP where Russia, China, Iran or North Korea could cause most cyber and critical infrastructure damage to the United States. The Biden administration is destroying America.

And this is after Russia cyber attacks in the last 10 days already shut down the worlds largest meat processing company (in the US) and a pipeline from Texas to the North East US carrying 45% of the petroleum products consumed on the East Coast. These are only 2 examples of foreign (most likely Russian) cyber hacks over the last few years.

Biden has lost it.

Bombshell: A New Report Reveals Possible Deep State Plants Inside Jan. 6 Capitol Riot

(Republican Insider) – One of the biggest national stories from last year, which has continued a little bit into 2021 is the Black Lives Matter and Antifa mobs that erupted after the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis. These two groups — both of which deserve to be labeled as terrorists — have caused over one billion dollars in damages in cities across the country. 

Heck, just in Minneapolis alone BLM damaged or completely destroyed over 1,500 businesses or buildings. As if that isn’t disturbing enough, there were over 700 police officers injured during the BLM riots. 

According to Gateway Pundit, BLM was linked to around 97 percent of the riots that were responsible for the most expensive property damage in U.S. insurance history. A lot of the actions taken by BLM were inspired by the Democratic Party who incited them to continue destroying their communities and claim it was protesting injustice.

You know who you didn’t see out in the streets rioting, looting, and assaulting other people? Trump supporters. There wasn’t a single Trump rally in 2020 that turned violent and caused damage. Not a single one. 

And then along comes the riot at the Capitol building on January 6 of this year, which Democrats claim was completely composed of radicalized Trump followers looking to overthrow the government by using the same tactics their pet projects in BLM and Antifa were utilizing all over the nation. 

Ever since the incident occurred, the Deep State actors, along with Democrats, have refused to release video footage to GOP lawmakers from either outside or inside the Capitol building. 

And there’s probably a reason these individuals want to keep this footage in the dark. Again, there had never been a violent Trump rally during the first presidential campaign from Trump, during his time in office, or during his second campaign. What happened to suddenly turn them all into violent insurrectionists?

Well, it seems that the folks who broke into the Capitol might have had a whole lot more to do with Antifa and BLM than it did with MAGA.

A new report from Revolver News was published on Tuesday concerning “unindicted co-conspirators” involved in the January 6 riots who were never charged by the Biden administration Department of Justice or the FBI for their part in the incident. 

“Of all the questions asked, words spoken, and ink spilled on the so-called “Capitol Siege” of January 6, 2021, none hold the key to the entire event quite like what Sen. Amy Klobuchar asked of Christopher Wray,” the report said, adding, “The Democrat from Minnesota asked the Trump-appointed FBI Director: Did the federal government infiltrate any of the so-called “militia” organizations claimed to be responsible for planning and executing the Capitol Siege?…”

“…We at Revolver News have noticed a pattern from our now months-long investigation into 1/6 — and in particular from our meticulous study of the charging documents related to those indicted. In many cases the unindicted co-conspirators appear to be much more aggressive and egregious participants in the very so-called “conspiracy” serving as the basis for charging those indicted,” the report continued.

“The question immediately arises as to why this is the case, and forces us to consider whether certain individuals are being protected from indictment because they were involved in 1/6 as undercover operatives or confidential informants for a federal agency,” the report added. 

The writers of the Revolver piece then stated that it is useful to help make a distinction between these two categories of participants in the siege of the Capitol, noting the first group consists of tourists, harmless individuals, who walked through doors already open and through already-removed barricades. 

Folks in this group were only guilty of some minor trespassing violations. The other group was made up of people who were violent with cops, destroyed barricades, broke windows, and belonged to “militia” groups that were engaged in a military-style plan that was created prior to the event. 

“Up until now, the overwhelming (perhaps exclusive) share of counter-establishment reporting on 1/6 has focused on absolving the first group. And this is a valuable thing. The notion that these harmless “MAGA moms” wandering around the Capitol were domestic terrorists engaged in an insurrection is absurd. That many of these people are being held in prison, without bail, under harsh conditions, amounts to an unacceptable and outrageous abuse of basic human rights,” Revolver said in their report.

“However, the possibility that the federal government had undercover operatives or informants involved in the events of 1/6, from its planning to its execution, compels us to turn our attention to the second category of participants,” the report said.

The piece then goes into greater detail concerning how the individuals responsible for planning a “kidnapping” of Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer were actually government informants. 

After that the report shows the many parallels that exist between the “kidnappers” in the Whitmer incident and the alleged Jan. 6 Oath Keepers who were supposedly behind the planning of the operation to assault the Capitol, who, like those involved in the kidnapping scheme, paid for hotel rooms and bus rentals. 

There were several apparent government informants in the group of rioters that weren’t charged during the January 6 protests. 

Something smells fishy about that, right? Perhaps someone needs to stand up and ask Christopher Wray how many of the individuals involved in the riot were paid FBI informants?

Anyone following the January 6, 2021 news these days should be able to figure out that the main stream media and now, evidently Fox News, believes the constant barrage of spin put out by the Biden administration, the DOJ and the FBI, etc. on the completely false information that JANUARY 6, 2021 WAS AN ARMED INSURRECTION INSTIGATED BY THOUSANDS OF MAGA TRUMP SUPPORTERS. Even Merrick Garland is now on record expousing the information that the biggest threat to the United States is right wing terrorist extremists.

This is all a bunch of nonsense meant to permanently keep Donald Trump away from Washington DC. The left is so afraid of Trump, Pelosi kept the Capital surrounded by the fences and National Guard for 5 months to promote this rhetoric FOR SHOW. The left has imprisoned , in solitary confinement, hundreds of UNARMED Trump supporters who were inside the capital or just standing in front of the building waving a Trump or American flag. The left also refuses to release any video which shows peaceful demonstrations by these MAGA supporters where the Capital Police even opened the doors and invited the demonstrators in the building.

Now, Tucker Carlson shows evidence that the FBI and DOJ was responsible for planting trouble makers and rebel rousers (bad apples) into the peaceful MAGA group of January 6 Trump supporters and the media calls it BIZARRE.

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Ten Most Amazing Art Sculptures in the World

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Free Stuff

The folks who are getting the free stuff don’t like the folks who are paying for the free stuff because The folks who are paying for the free stuff can no longer afford to pay for both the free stuff and their own stuff.

And the folks who are paying for the free stuff want the free stuff to stop.And the folks who are getting the free stuff want even more free stuff on top of the free stuff they are already getting!

Now… The people who are forcing the people who pay for the free stuff have told the people who are RECEIVING the free stuff that the people who are PAYING for the free stuff are being mean, prejudiced, and racist.

So… The people who are GETTING the free stuff have been convinced they need to hate the people who are paying for the free stuff by the people who are forcing some people to pay for their free stuff and giving them the free stuff in the first place.

We have let the free stuff giving go on for so long that there are now more people getting free stuff than paying for the free stuff.

Now understand this. All great democracies have committed financial suicide somewhere between 200 and 250 years after being founded. 

The reason?The voters figured out they could vote themselves money from the treasury by electing people who promised to give them money from the treasury in exchange for electing them.

The United States officially became a Republic in 1776 , 245 years ago.The number of people now getting free stuff outnumbers the people paying for the free stuff.  Failure to change that spells the end of the United States as we know it.

By Rob Bailey-Millado

Roger Waters has revealed that Facebook honcho Mark Zuckerberg offered him big bucks to use Pink Floyd’s classic 1979 anthem “Another Brick in the Wall, Part 2” in an Instagram ad.

However, the co-founding member of the iconic rock band turned the “little p–k” down flat — with a cantankerously foulmouthed touch.

“It arrived this morning, with an offer for a huge, huge amount of money,” the 77-year-old bassist and composer said at a recent pro-Julian Assange event, Rolling Stone reported. “And the answer is, ‘F–k you. No f–in’ way.’”

He continued: “I only mention that because this is an insidious movement of them to take over absolutely everything. I will not be a party to this bulls–t, Zuckerberg.”

This isn’t the first time the Rock and Roll Hall of Famer faced the prospect of his jams being used for promotional purposes.

Pink Floyd's Roger Waters says he turned an "a huge, huge amount of money" from that "little p--k" Mark Zuckerberg.
Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters says he turned down “a huge, huge amount of money” from that “little p–k” Mark Zuckerberg.NY Post illustration/Getty Images

“Here he is, one of the most powerful idiots in the world.”

Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters on Facebook guru Mark Zuckerberg

However, way back in the mid-’70s, Waters didn’t balk at providing the theme song for Dole bananas as well as an ad for the French soft drink Gini, according to Far Out Magazine. Why? It helped make rising concert ticket prices cheaper for their fans. Still, the experience reportedly resulted in the band refusing to allow their music to be used going forward in any advertisements that weren’t for a “good cause.”

At the Assange event last week, Waters read a heated letter stating his position on social-media monopolies and manipulation. (Warning: The clip below features strong language.)

“We feel that the core sentiment of this song is still so prevalent and so necessary today, which speaks to how timeless the work is,” Rogers said, Insider reported.


How Gen Z can fix the dystopian world that Zuckerberg created

He also claimed Zuck’s company wanted to “make Facebook and Instagram more powerful than it already is … so that it can continue to censor all of us in this room and prevent this story about Julian Assange getting out into the general public so the general public can go, ‘What? No. No More.’”

The rock icon also took aim at Zuckerberg’s original creation: his now rarely mentioned predecessor website, FaceMash, which let users vote on the attractiveness of female Harvard classmates.

“How did this little p–k who started out as ‘she’s pretty, we’ll give her a four out of five, she’s ugly, we’ll give her a four out of five,’ how did we give him any power?” Waters spewed. “And yet here he is, one of the most powerful idiots in the world.”

Facebook has not responded to requests for comment

Thursday, March 04, 2021 by: Ethan Huff at NATURAL NEWS –

New NASA satellite data prove carbon dioxide is GREENING the Earth and restoring forests –

Image: New NASA satellite data prove carbon dioxide is GREENING the Earth and restoring forests

(Natural News) The latest Vegetation Index data from NASA shows that the Earth is getting progressively “greener” and lusher over time.

The planet is 10 percent greener today than it was in 2000, NASA says, which means better conditions for growing crops. Forests are also expanding while deserts are becoming more fertile and usable for agriculture.

All in all, the global Vegetation Index rose from 0.0936 to 0.1029 between 2000 and 2021, a 9.94 percent increase.

“10 percent greening in 20 years! We are incredibly fortunate!” announced Zoe Phin, a researcher who compiled the data into a chart for her blog.

“I just wish everyone felt that way. But you know not everyone does. To the extent that humans enhance global greening is precisely what social parasites want to tax and regulate. No good deed goes unpunished.”

A separate German study found that the globe has been greening for at least the past three decades. Satellite imagery suggests that vegetation has been expanding at a growing rate, contracting the gloom-and-doom narrative being spread by the climate alarmists.

Back in 2018, research found that the Sahara Desert, the largest in the world, had shrunkby more than 8 percent over the past three decades. This is truly profound as the Sahara covers an expansive 9.2 million square kilometers of territory.

“Eight percent means more than 700,000 square kilometers more area that’s become green – an area almost as big as Germany and France combined,” reports P. Gosselin.

“So in terms of vegetation, the planet probably hasn’t had it this nice in about 1,000 years.”

“Global warming” is a good thing – it’s healing the planet!

Most of this greening is caused by greenhouse gases – you know, those “horrible” emissions that the climate fanatics insist are going to kill us all. Truth be told, greenhouse gases are making the planet more habitable for humans and other life forms.

One study calls this phenomenon carbon dioxide (CO2) fertilization, which is far more accurate than calling it CO2 “pollution” as many in the mainstream media continue to do.

By the year 2100, all this greening will offset 17 years’ worth of anthropogenic CO2 emissions, rendering all this “pollution” as if it never even happened. In other words, there will be only benefits and no drawbacks from all this “global warming” that is taking place.

“There are many more studies underpinning the good news of the greening planet – thanks in large part to mankind,” notes Gosselin. “It’s not as bad as the crybaby activists and media depict it to be. Not even close.”

The problem is that there is no money to be made from telling everyone that the planet is just fine, and to continue living as normal. There would be no “need” for a “green” shift away from fossil fuels, and no “need” to stop eating meat, among other such nonsense.

The powers that be have to keep the “climate change” ruse going in order to advance their globalist agenda. Without climate change, there would be no excuse to steal people’s freedoms and liberties while imposing hell on earth as the “solution” to all of these manufactured climate woes.

“Food security will always be a factor because as long as global population increases, so must global agricultural production increase. That said (the need for agricultural output to keep pace with population), by far the biggest threat to humanity, is NOT climate change,” wrote one commenter at

“The biggest threat to humanity and resulting environmental destruction that a global famine would bring is Climate Change policy – the UN’s Socialist-Marxist climate policy to destroy access to affordable, abundant fossil fuels necessary to sustain global agricultural output.”

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Angel Flight


O’Reilly Says Epic “Biden Backlash” is Coming…Not Even Fake Polls and Media Can Stop It…

You can’t stop the inevitable


As we all know, the U.S. is headed towards an absolute disaster under Biden’s shaky leadership.

We can all see the writing on the wall, but for those who don’t question the message that the mainstream media spoon-feeds them, this upcoming crash will probably come as a surprise.

Bill O’Reilly is predicting major Biden retaliation is coming once these people see their cost of living skyrocket once this economy that Biden has slowly been chipping away at, finally crumbles.

Of course this crash is something that not even the mainstream media will be able to spin; as many Americans will experience some of the worst strife we’ve seen since the recession.

Watch Bill’s prediction here:

Bottom Line: Facebook is indirectly paying the Communist Chinese Party (CCP) to censor its customers posted comments. Incredible…………!

Facebook’s “fact-checking” partner Lead Stories is funded in part by a Chinese company called ByteDance LLC, which owns TikTok and has been accused of censorship on behalf of the country’s communist government.

Lead Stories was brought in to work with Facebook in February of 2019, “using its own technology, called ‘Trendolizer,’ to detect trending hoaxes from hundreds of known fake news sites, satirical websites and prank generators. Lead Stories specializes in hoax debunking as well as fact-checking,” according to Axios.

One such “debunked” story, was a recent video showing suspicious activity in Georgia during the 2020 election.

Lead Stories wrote, “Fact Check: Video From Georgia Does NOT Show Suitcases Filled With Ballots Suspiciously Pulled From Under A Table; Poll Watchers Were NOT Told To Leave.”

However, their “fact check” has already been thoroughly destroyed by real journalists.

Facebook is even censoring users from criticizing Lead Stories‘ fact checks, so good luck sharing this on Zuck’s anti-free speech platform. 

A screenshot from the Lead Stories website shows ByteDance was one of their “main funding sources” for the year 2020

ByteDance currently owns TikTok, but a court case could soon force them to sell the video-sharing platform to a U.S. company.

President Trump warned ByteDance on Aug. 14 that they must find a suitable buyer for TikTok’s U.S. business because the platform presented a national security risk.

So, the same company Trump sees as a potential national security threat is funding Facebook’s main “fact-checker?”

The Chinese company has also been accused of working with the nation’s communist government to censor informati

A 2019 report by the Australian Strategic Policy Institute’s International Cyber Policy Centre detailed how ByteDance is “engaged in deeply unethical behavior in Xinjiang, where their work directly supports and enables mass human rights abuses.”

The investigation determined, “ByteDance is uniquely susceptible to other problems that come with its closeness to the censorship and surveillance apparatus of the CCP-led state… The meteoric growth of TikTok now puts the CCP in a position where it can attempt to do the same on a largely non-Chinese speaking platform—with the help of an advanced AI-powered algorithm.”

In September 2019, The Guardian obtained leaked documents explaining, ByteDance “is advancing Chinese foreign policy aims abroad through the app.”

For example, the documents showed TikTok moderators were instructed to “censor videos that mention Tiananmen Square, Tibetan independence, or the banned religious group Falun Gong.”

Even the Washington Post admitted, “Chinese tech giants including ByteDance, TikTok’s parent company, and Huawei Technologies are working closely with the Communist Party to censor and surveil Uighur Muslims in China’s western region of Xinjiang.”

Reuters article from August 2020 accused ByteDance of censoring “content it perceived as critical of the Chinese government on its news aggregator app in Indonesia from 2018 to mid-2020.”

“The sources said that local moderators were instructed by a team from Byt

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Land Yachts

They even have my 1965 Impala Super Sport (but a little more decked out than mine)

That was a great looking car !!


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Here we go. Biden’s Global Minimum Tax:

Here we go. Biden’s Global Minimum Tax:

Wait 20 seconds for a Jeep Ad to clear.

Parents’ fury at NYC’s woke Dalton School after first-graders are taught about masturbation during Sex-Ed classes that also instruct kids they can’t be hugged ‘without consent’

  • Justine Ang Fonte, the health and wellness teacher at the Dalton School, allegedly showed students a video last fall from the sex education series AMAZE
  • Fonte’s classes also reportedly included lessons on gender identity and consent 
  • Lessons allegedly instructed children that their parents and grandparents should not touch them without asking permission 
  • Fonte reportedly told parents that she does not use the word ‘masturbation’ in class after they complained to school administrators.
  • youtube video 2:34 minutes


PUBLISHED: 18:46 EDT, 29 May 2021

Justine Ang Fonte, the health and wellness and the Dalton School, is under fire for her sex education classes

Parents at an elite private school in New York City are furious that first-graders have been shown sex education videos that appear to include information about masturbation. 

Justine Ang Fonte, a health and wellness teacher at the Dalton School, allegedly showed students a video last fall from the free sex education series for children called AMAZE, in which a cartoon boy asks about erections.

Fonte’s classes also reportedly included lessons on gender identity and consent, instructing children that their parents and grandparents should not touch them without asking permission.

Fonte has told parents that she does not use the word ‘masturbation’ in class after they complained to school administrators but were told they had misinterpreted the lessons, the New York Post reporte

In the video, a cartoon little boy asks: ‘Hey, how come sometimes my penis gets big sometimes and points up/

The cartoon adult then tells the boy that’s called an ‘erection’ before the boy seemingly addresses masturbating

A young cartoon girl then tells the adult she also touches her vulva when she goes to bed

The video also teaches the first graders about the differences between a penis and a clitoris.

In the video, a cartoon little boy asks: ‘Hey, how come sometimes my penis gets big sometimes?

‘That’s called an erection,’ the cartoon adult woman responds.

‘Sometimes I touch my penis because it feels good,’ the boy adds.

Then a cartoon little girl says: ‘Sometimes, when I’m in my bath or when Mom puts me to bed, I like to touch my vulva too.’ 

‘You have a clitoris there, Kayla, that probably feels good to touch the same way Keith’s penis feels good when he touches it,’ the adult character tells the little girl.

The adult woman adds: ‘Have you ever noticed that older kids and grown-ups don’t touch their private parts in public? It’s okay to touch yourself and see how different body parts feel – but it’s best to only do it in private.’

Hedge fund billionaire Bill Ackman’s Pershing Square Foundation provided the school, where his ex-wife Karen is on the board of trustees, with a $450,000 grant which reportedly funds Fonte’s work. 

The series in which the controversial video appears is created through a partnership between the Washington D.C. based nonprofit Advocates for Youth and the organizations Answer and Youth Tech Health. 

Parents at an elite private school in New York City are furious that first-graders have been shown sex education videos

Dalton School parents who wanted to remain anonymous told the New York Post the video was ‘quietly removed from the curriculum.’

‘I’m paying $50,000 to these a**holes to tell my kid not to let her grandfather hug her when he sees her?’ an anonymous parent said another parent told her.

Another mother said: ‘Kids have no less than five classes on gender identity – this is pure indoctrination. This person should absolutely not be teaching children.’

‘Ironically, she teaches kids about ‘consent’ yet she has never gotten consent from parents about the sexually explicit, and age inappropriate material about transgender to first graders,’ that mom said.

She then slammed the school administrators who she said ‘gaslit’ parents into thinking they were ‘confused’ about the lessons, the New York Post reported.

‘We are in fact just seeing very clearly for the first time what a ‘progressive’ education really means at Dalton,’ the mother said.

Steve Bannon Goes Off On Election Fraud Saying “Wisconsin Will Be The Easiest To Prove – They’re In A Full Panic!”

(Republican Insider) – Thank God for freedom-loving, American patriots who have been fighting for months to uncover the truth regarding the 2020 presidential election. 

In Arizona, the entire GOP party is behind getting to the truth with Senate Republicans finally getting the forensic audit they’ve been fighting for since November. 

In Michigan, Attorney Matthew DePerno is ramping up efforts to expose the fraud and corruption daily and a judge in Georgia just ruled in favor of a massive audit to be performed.

We can’t, however, forget about the other controversial states. Steve Bannon, host of the wildly popular podcast The War Room, said on Saturday during an episode of his show that Wisconsin just might be the easiest state to prove fraud resulted in a stolen election. 

He slammed the left and asserted they’re in a “complete panic” over the ongoing developments and audits around the country. 

On Saturday morning, Bannon called out the establishment media outlets like “the Associated Press, The Hill, MSNBC” saying “they are all in a panic.” 

“They have seen what Michael Patrick Leahy’s reporting has done in Georgia. They see what the judge did in Georgia. They see the patriot’s progress on the Concord Bridge of the convention center in Arizona. They see what’s happening behind the scenes in Pennsylvania. They see the talk that’s going down in Michigan… So, now in Wisconsin, they do not talk about the indefinitely confined. That’s where the clerks stole it and the early voting scandal!”

Bannon is referring to the number of “indefinitely confined” voters skyrocketing during the 2020 election cycle. As The Gateway Pundit reported back in February, the number of “indefinitely confined” voters in Wisconsin went from 60,000 in 2016 to 243,900 in 2020. 

These “indefinitely confined” voters are not required to prove their identification according to Wisconsin state law and are eligible to use the state’s “Express Votes” ballots. What a convenient year for the number of Wisconsin residents who aren’t required to show any kind of ID to skyrocket. 

A local Madison news outlet reported on the ‘indefinite confined’ ballots from the 2020 election pointing out that while these voters are not required to show ID to vote, they are not exempt from the voter registration process which requires them to sign their absentee certificate with a witness on their absentee ballot. 

The state claims that the increase in these voters was due to the COVID-19 pandemic and that, apparently, residents of the state who were fearful over the virus were somehow eligible to become “indefinitely confined” voters exempting them from voter ID laws. 

If this really is the case in Wisconsin, who authorized the broadening of the “indefinitely confined” voter category? Clearly, people who are just afraid of catching a virus are not actually indefinitely confined or disabled.

In their report on this obvious fraud, The Gateway Pundit also pointed out that many of the absentee ballots from supposedly “indefinitely confined” voters weren’t even creased indicating they weren’t mailed in like you would expect them to be coming from someone who supposedly cannot, for whatever reason, leave their house. 

We wonder how many of these “indefinitely confined” voters voted for Joe Biden. 

Steve Bannon is certainly right. If someone would just take action and determine to get to the bottom of this bizarre phenomenon, it would most definitely be quite easy to prove that the increase was due to fraud rather than an increase of actual “indefinitely confined” voters. 

The left should be in a panic. The jig is up and it’s only a matter of time before the other shoe drops. 

Copyright 2021.

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Just Another Ordinary Miracle

Meanwhile, Hitler is building his concentration camps which ultimately kill 6 million Jews and 6 million Christians.

Freedom is Truly Never More than a Generation away from Extinction

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Ronald Regan – The Price for Freedom –

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Trace Adkins – The Empty Chair –

Thank you all who have served!

May 27, 2021

‘Blinken Authorizes U.S. Embassies Worldwide to Display BLM Flags’

A new directive comes while the United States commemorates the anniversary of George Floyd’s murder. By Robbie Gramer, a diplomacy and national security reporter at Foreign Policy.

BLM is demanding our Embassy’s around the World fly the BLM Flag to honor the day George Floyd died. And now they have been authorized to do so by the Secretary of State! George Floyd was a Criminal! In fact a career Criminal! How and why he died was wrong, but it does not change that fact!

Actually, reportedly he died just after committing his last crime and was resisting arrest and high on illegal drugs! He is not a role model and certainly not a hero!

(Republican Insider) – A brand new leaked memo from within the State Department reveals that the agency praises the radical left-wing group known as Black Lives Matter and then goes on to outline how the United States embassies can go about showing their support for this Marxist movement on the one-year anniversary of the death of George Floyd. 

According to Infowars, the memo, which was obtained by Human Events from an insider at the State Department, encourages “Diplomatic and Consular posts” to put up flags and banners that show support for the BLM movement. 

“The Department supports the use of the term ‘Black Lives Matter’ in messaging content, speeches, and other diplomatic engagements with foreign audiences to advance racial equity and access to justice on May 25 and beyond. We encourage posts to focus on the need to eliminate systemic racism and its continued impact,” the memo reads.

“This cable constitutes a blanket written authorization for calendar year 2021 from the Under Secretary for Management (M) to display the BLM flag on the external-facing flagpole to any Chiefs of Mission who determine such a display is appropriate in light of local conditions,” the memo continues. 

The fact that the State Department is fully endorsing the Black Lives Matter movement, which has all of its roots in Marxism, is pretty scary, especially since they are dead set on getting rid of police and the nuclear family. The family unit is the backbone of society. And I don’t think it needs to be explained why getting rid of cops is a bad idea. 

Black Lives Matter is responsible for doing $2 billion in damages across 140 cities in the U.S., all due to months of rioting that started with the death of George Floyd last year.

And now Biden’s State Department isn’t showing a bit of concern about the fact that BLM’s approval has tanked to a two-year low over this constant rioting, looting, and racial hatred and division they keep sowing in the country.

Doesn’t Blinken know that BLM is an avowed Marxist – Communist Organization.?


There are calls to replace George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.  In their place we are now to honor George Floyd? 

May 21, 2021: The process to expose the truth of the 2020 stolen election has been slow-going but we’re finally starting to see some major progress in cases all around the US.

In Georgia on Friday, Henry County Judge Brian J. Amero orderedt he unsealing of more than 145,000 Fulton County absentee ballots.

According to the judge’s ruling, the parties involved are to appear at the ballot storage location at 10 am on May 28th to scan the ballots from the November 3rd election at 600 dpi or higher.

Previously the ballots have only been examined using low resolution images since a hearing in April., who has been leading the way in uncovering the fraud, has argued that they need the actual physical ballots in order to understand the number of counterfeit ballots that were certified in the state’s results.

According to CD Media, lawyers representing described major discrepancies (21%) during the hearing, “between the number of ballot batches reported by the corrupt GA Secretary of State, Brad Raffensperger, and the number of ballot batches actually provided by court-ordered access in the previous April hearing in the case.”

The closer examination of these ballots could reveal massive election fraud in Georgia during the 2020 election and could prove that the Presidential election and the Senate run-off races were fraudulently certified.

Officials in Fulton County have been defending the stolen election just like officials have been doing in Maricopa County, Arizona and Antrim County, Michigan.

In Fulton County, attorneys have previously pushed for only a sampling of the ballots to be examined instead of giving access to all of the ballots. Obviously, restricting access in this way will only be beneficial to those trying to hide the truth.

What’s more, CD Media reports Fulton County attorneys have also objected to expert witnesses testifying that the number of ballot batches certified by Raffensperger during the earlier “risk limiting audit” were “significantly different from the actual number of ballot image batches that were provided by state and county officials in court-ordered discovery” last month.

The expert witness had previously attested to “a high number of ballots” being counted twice and said that there was an astronomical error rate in the batch data of 21%.

These previous “risk limiting audits” conducted by Raffensperger were shown during the hearing this week to be severely compromised. Additionally, Fulton County attorneys have shockingly asserted that “the county has no control over its election tabulation process.”

Despite the hurdles and the vast number of state and county officials fighting to keep the truth hidden, it appears as though a judge has finally given the access they need to be able to adequately assess how many ballots were fraudulent.

This is huge. If the audit in Georgia proves that Trump was the winner and potentially even the Republican Senate candidates, it would leave no doubt that Joe Biden was fraudulently certified the winner of the 2020 election and could strip Democrats of their razor-thin control of the Senate.

Copyright 2021.

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NEW YORK — Critical Race Theory may be the Democrat-Left’s filthiest, ugliest Big Lie. It defines America as inherently and irredeemably bigoted, denounces all whites as racial oppressors, and diminishes all blacks as racially oppressed victims.

Lies, lies, lies.

The third lie is the worst.

Black Lives Matter, the “diversity” police, and other “systemic racism”-mongers relentlessly claim that white privilege and white supremacy blockade black success. Blacks think, “Yes, we can.” The Democrat-Left replies: “No, you can’t.”

Last June, Seattle staged Interrupting Internalized Racial Superiority and Whiteness. This segregated brainwashing program for white municipal workers accused them of rendering people of color “unable to imagine a way forward that comes from a place of humanity and empowerment.”

So, blacks are paralyzed victims, as helpless as butterflies ensnared in a tarantula’s web of white racism.

This frightful fantasy is concocted to leave blacks cold and scared — all the better to swaddle them in the warm, loving arms of the Left. Ultimately, like every Democrat effort, this is about getting elected, retaining power, and controlling Americans as tightly as possible. If this cleaves America like an ax-split log, so be it. If whites must be vilified unfairly as bigots — to a man, woman, and child — who cares?

And if blacks feel not empowered but enfeebled within an alleged whirlpool of white hate, then too bad. The Democrat-Left’s insatiable thirst for political domination must be quenched, by all means necessary.

The Atlantic on April 3 covered Ndona Muboyayi, a mother who enrolled her son and daughter in Evanston, Illinois’s government schools in 2018. She recalls, “within the first year, my children were being taught about white supremacy and white privilege and that all white people were rich and racist.”

Since age 11, her son dreamed of becoming a lawyer. But, before long, he came home with abandoned aspirations. “Mommy,” he explained, “there are these systems put in place that prevent black people from accomplishing anything.”

“That’s what they’re teaching black kids,” Muboyayi said. “The narrative is, ‘You can’t get ahead.’”

The Democrat-Left deliberately preaches this gospel of black failure:

The Smithsonian Institution published a chart last July detailing “Aspects & Assumptions of Whiteness.” It listed “hard work,” “decision-making,” “intellect,” “The King’s English rules,” and “Be polite.” Ergo, the assumptions of blackness would include sloth, indecision, idiocy, illiteracy, and discourtesy. Former KKK Grand Wizard David Duke could not have expected less of blacks.

“By saying that this is a standard English or even an English-only classroom, we are consenting to the, you know, the master narrative,” New York University education professor David Kirkland, chief architect of New York State’s “culturally responsive + sustaining education” standard, said in a March 2019 speech at U. Texas, Austin. “We are also reinforcing narratives of white supremacy, narratives of anti-black, anti-brown racism…And this leads to multiple forms of oppression.”

So, black kids, don’t “act white” by embracing correctly written and spoken English.

“Every lesson is an opportunity to talk about the legacy of systemic racism, not solely the wonder of individual stories,” Robert S. Harvey wrote last August 17 in Education Week. He trivialized black achievement even further: “And when we neglect to talk about how systemic racism is embedded within American structures — education, justice, employment, housing, and health care — we unintentionally teach students that ‘really good, really successful’ Black folks are exempt from racist structures.”

So, whitewash black excellence and obsess over the inescapable, racist “system.”

“In other words,” American Enterprise Institute scholar Frederick M. Hess wrote, rather than “suggest that individuals can shape the course of their lives, teachers should push students to view themselves as passive victims of circumstance. Harvey is literally instructing teachers to…dismiss individual accomplishment and personal agency.”

These “anti-racist” racists are serving social cancer from huge, boiling cauldrons. They are ladling defeatism into the bowls of black people and sickening the entire nation with their evil stew. They must be ridiculed, shunned, defunded, and dismantled.

Deroy Murdock is a Manhattan-based Fox News Contributor, a contributing editor with National Review Online, and a senior fellow with the London Center for Policy Research.

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Tour Inside the International Space Station

Walgreens shutters 10 stores in San Francisco as residents point to rampant shoplifting

by Jake Dima, Breaking News Reporter |   | March 04, 2021 12:23 PM Updated Mar 04, 2021, 01:58 PM

Pharmacy giant Walgreens has closed its 10th store in the San Francisco area, prompting residents to blame rampant shoplifting caused by the city’s soft-on-crime policies. 

The store is set to permanently shut its doors on March 17, and the move has drawn an online petition against the closure, which accrued over 200 signatures at the time of publishing. The closure is the third since mid-October 2020, and those living in the area reported brazen thefts at Walgreens pharmacies throughout their hometowns. 

“All of us knew it was coming. Whenever we go in there, they always have problems with shoplifters, ” a regular customer, Sebastian Luke, told the San Francisco Chronicle

One October incident was caught on video as Inside Edition reporters were following a story on the rampant larcenies. A thief, donning black clothing, was seen on video scaling a counter, grabbing an air vent, and leaving the store on a scooter as shelves in the store were left bare from similar sprees.

“I feel sorry for the clerks, they are regularly being verbally assaulted,” Luke said. “The clerks say there is nothing they can do. They say Walgreens’ policy is to not get involved. They don’t want anyone getting injured or getting sued, so the guys just keep coming in and taking whatever they want.”

At the time, Walgreens declined to provide a reason for the store closures but indicated “the safety of our team members and customers is our top concern.” The drug store chain did not immediately respond to a request for comment from the Washington Examiner

When a store employee was asked about why the shelves were empty, he said, “Go ask the people in the alleys, they have it all.”

One store in the San Francisco area reportedly lost $1,000 a day to theft, and some have pointed to the city’s homeless as a potential culprit. Law enforcement at the time responded by stationing uniformed officers near the businesses, but the move didn’t last, and officers were quickly pulled away from the post. 

The San Francisco Police Department told the Washington Examiner that it is “aware of incidents of retail theft there where groups of suspects enter stores, grab product and merchandise and flee,” and insisted “larceny crimes are down significantly” in the city and “officers routinely check in with merchants.”

Under California law, (Proposition 47) theft under $950 is considered a misdemeanor, but many prosecutors, throughout the state, including SF DA Chesa Boudin, have opted to not arrest or free those charged with the offense, rather than holding them in jail for the maximum sentence of six months.

DA, Boudin’s parents were convicted of murder and he was raised in Chicago by the violent and criminal Weather Underground founders, the radical Marxists, Bill Ayres and his wife Bernadine Dohrn, who assist Barack Obama in his political endeavors. Before becoming the San Francisco DA, Boudin was a translator for Hugo Chavez, the Marxist who took over Venezuela.

Pray for San Francisco!

Recall Newsom

Wokeism: The New Religion of the West

Are Americans Becoming Sovietized?

If our wokists destroy people in the name of equity, then they believe their nihilism is justified.

By Victor Davis Hanson

May 5, 2021

What ultimately ended the nihilist Soviet system?

Was it not that Russians finally tired of the Kremlin’s lies and hypocrisies that permeated every facet of their falsified lives?

Here are 10 symptoms of Sovietism. Ask yourself whether we are headed down this same road to perdition.

1) There was no escape from ideological indoctrination—anywhere.

TV commercials, a job in the bureaucracy, or military assignment all hinged not so much on merit, expertise, or past achievement. What mattered was loud enthusiasm for the Soviet system.

Wokeness is becoming our new Soviet-like state religion. Careerists assert that America was always and still is a systemically racist country, without ever producing proof or a sustained argument.

2) The Soviets fused their press with the government. Pravda or “Truth” was the official megaphone of state-sanctioned lies. Journalists simply regurgitated the talking points of their Party partners.

In 2017, some university and independent media monitoring centers found that 93 percent of American network media coverage of the early Trump Administration was negative. The most inflammatory of the media’s political assertions—Trump-Russia collusion, Hunter Biden’s laptop was a product of “Russian disinformation,” and Capitol Officer Brian Sicknick was murdered by a Trump rioter inside the Capitol—were all false.

3) The Soviet surveillance state enlisted apparatchiks and lackeys to ferret out ideological dissidents. Recently, we learned that the Department of Defense is reviewing its rosters to spot “insurrectionary” sentiments.

The Postal Service recently admitted it uses tracking programs to monitor the social media postings of Americans.

Left-wing CNN recently alleged that the Biden Administration’s Department of Homeland Security is considering partnering with private surveillance firms to get around government prohibitions on scrutinizing Americans’ expression. From 2015 to 2017, the FBI, CIA, and Justice Department engaged in efforts to monitor and injure the Trump campaign and then sabotage a presidential transition.

4) The Soviet educational system sought not to enlighten, but to indoctrinate young minds in proper government-approved thought. Currently, cash-strapped universities nationwide are hiring thousands of “diversity, equity, and inclusion” staffers and administrators. Their chief task is to scan admissions, hiring, curriculum, and administration of universities. Like good commissars, our diversity czars police compliance with the official narrative that a flawed America must confess, apologize, and renounce its evil foundations. 

5) The official Soviet was run by a pampered elite, exempt from the ramifications of its own radical socialist ideologies. So too woke Silicon Valley billionaires talk socialistically but live royally. Coke and Delta Airlines CEOs who hector Americans on their illiberality respectively make over $16 million a year.

What unites current woke activists like Oprah Winfrey, LeBron James, Mark Zuckerberg, and the Obamas are their huge estates and their multimillion-dollar wealth. Just as the select few of the old Soviet nomenklatura had their Black Sea dachas, so our loudest top-down revolutionaries prefer living in Martha’s Vineyard, Beverly Hills, Montecito, and Malibu.

6) The Soviets mastered Trotskyization, or the rewriting and airbrushing away of history to fabricate present reality. Are Americans any different when they indulge in a frenzy of name changing, nighttime statue toppling, monument defacing, book banning, and “cancellation”?

7) The Soviets created a climate of fear and rewarded stool pigeons to root and rat out all potential enemies of the people. Since when did Americans encourage coworkers to turn in others for an ill-considered word in a private conversation? Why do thousands now scour the internet to find any past incorrect expression of a competitor, rival, or opponent? Why are there now new thought criminals supposedly guilty of climate racism, immigration racism, vaccination racism, and almost anything racism?

8) Soviet law, state prosecutors, and courts were weaponized according to ideology. In America, where and for what reason you riot determines whether you face any legal consequences. Politically correct sanctuary cities with impunity defy the law. Jury members are terrified of being doxxed and hunted down for an incorrect verdict. The CIA and FBI are becoming as ideological as the old KGB.

9) The Soviets doled out prizes on the basis of correct Soviet thought. In America now most concede that Emmy, Grammy, Tony, and Oscar awards or Pulitzer Prizes do not reflect the year’s best television show, song, play, movie, or book—rather than the most politically correct production from the most woke.

10) The Soviets offered no apologies for extinguishing freedom. Instead, they boasted they were advocates of equity, champions of the underclass, enemies of privilege, and therefore could terminate anyone or anything they pleased.

Our wokeists are similarly defending their thought-control efforts, forced reeducation sessions, scripted confessionals, mandatory apologies, Trotskyization of our past, and cancel culture on the pretense that we need long overdue “fundamental transformation.”

So if they destroy people in the name of equity, then their nihilism is justified.

Biden’s DOJ To Interfere With Forensic Audit Of Maricopa County Ballots

(Republican Insider) – It seems the Democrats are truly terrified of the results from the Maricopa County forensic audit being published in the public eye because they are pulling out all of the stops to ensure that this project is not completed and their dirty deeds remain hidden in the dark.

According to Gateway Pundit, the very same organization that helped to cook up the whole Russian collusion nonsense and allowed voter fraud to run rampant in the 2020 presidential race is now going to be sticking their nose into the audit in Maricopa County.

Journalist Garrett Archer with ABC15 in Phoenix, Arizona has reported that the Biden Department of Justice is set to “get involved in some capacity” with the forensic audit, which is still happening right now.

It’s really important to note, once again, that the Department of Justice did absolutely nothing as Democrats prevented Republicans from being able to be in the same room where ballot counting was happening. They also did nothing to stop vans from dropping off loads of ballots in the cover of darkness.

And now they want to step into this audit and shut it down. Innocent people don’t typically act this way. Here’s a copy of the letter from the DOJ addressed to Secretary of State Fann.

However, the DOJ isn’t the only leftist agency or group seeking to get in on the audit and shut it down or disrupt it in some capacity. One such group is Project Democracy, who sent a letter to those carrying out the audit, threatening them with legal action.

The letter was signed by Perkins Coie, which is the exact same firm that represented Hillary Clinton and was heavily involved in the Russia probe.

And, as always, George Soros has a huge role to play in this interference. Soros has deep connections with a group known as the Brennan Center, which is a far-left activist group and legal organization, having received over $1 million in funding from various progressive billionaires.

Then there’s the Leadership Conference, which is a coalition that is composed of over 200 entities with the common mission of “equality.”

“The Leadership Conference’s founders came together in 1950 out of the belief that the fight for civil rights could not be won by one group alone, but needed to be waged in coalition,” the report says.

“Our members — which have grown from 30 civil and human rights organizations at our founding to more than 200 today — differ in size, scope, and structure. But what transcends our differences and unites The Leadership Conference coalition is our enduring common purpose: full equality for all,” the GP report says.

As stated at the beginning of the piece, the radical left is desperately trying to prevent the masses from getting the results from the Maricopa County recount. You can tell they don’t want this information out to the public. If regular folks find out the truth about the election. The truth must be known by all

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Avoiding the Future Plague – 1954 –

Predictions from 70 years ago.

Must Listen to this one.

Proof of GA. and Nation wide Election Fraud is below and on Facebook. Ruby describes how Dominion, Stacey Abrams, her daughter (Election Supervisor), Biden and others were involved in this and multiple election crimes.

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Egyptian Chariots Found at Bottom of Red Sea

May 15, 2014:  As reported by World Net Daily – WND –

This is incredible:

An international team of Scientists and Explorers have documented visual evidence with  robotic submarine cameras of hundreds of EGYPTIAN CHARIOTS strewn across the Red Sea, now referred to as the Gulf of Aqaba.

This Biblical account of the miraculous “PARTING OF THE SEA”, was described in THE BOOK OF EXODUS, by Moses, over two thousand years ago.

Red Sea: Archaeologists Discover Remains of Egyptian Army From the Biblical Exodus

Chariots in Red Sea: ‘Irrefutable evidence’

PS.  (We are not selling videos or Books)

Eric Swallwell, US Congressman from the San Francisco Bay Area was sleeping with a Chinese spy (Fang Fang). This is not gossip. It is a fact. Eric is on the Intelligence Committee of the US House of Representatives. The Committee was created by the US Senate to oversee US Intelligence (spying) activities. The Intelligence Committee has a “Report” which outlines the Fang Fang involvement with Swalwell and maybe other Congerssmen.

Thus, we have the Intelligence Committee (which is privy to the nations top secrets)and Congress which oversees it, both which could be compromised or blackmailed by China. Republicans have insisted that The “Report” be made public and that Eric Swalwell be removed from the Committee if not completely removed from Congress. Biden, Pelosi and their democrat associates refuse.

This is outrageous.

By Judson Bennett, close friend of Bill Stevenson;

in 2020, which states “it will be a frightening if the most corrupt politician in United States history, Joe Biden, is elected President in November 2020. See this below:

Former Husband of Jill Biden Claims the Biden Story is a Fraud-Says he Wrote a Book


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