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After Mr. Bobulinski, is told by Tebow, they will have follow up interviews with him, the interviews between Bolulinski and/or his attorneys never happen. After Bobulinski is convinced the FBI is not looking into all the thousands of pages and proof of his revelations, Tony Bobulinski goes on Tucker Carlson Tonight 24 months ago, and tells the Tucker Audience “the whole story.”

Fast forward to today, October 4, 2022, After no response from the FBI in 24 months Tony Bobulinski is interviewed again by Tucker Carlson, Tonight, October 4, 2022.

Bobulinski’s goal 24 months ago was to inform the American Public about his Biden findings. The Presidential 2020 election was won by 21,501 votes in 3 counties. If the Tony Bobulinski information was disseminated by the FBI, CBS, ABC, NBC, MSNBC, CNN, PBS and other left leaning media 24 months ago, it is highly probable that Trump would still be President.

Bobulinski’s goal today is unchanged.

In summary, this is proof the FBI is and has been involved in ELECTION FRAUD and Tony Bobulinski needs to be PROTECTED AND HONOED AS A TRUE AMERICAN HERO.


Biden (in early February 2022)has said if Russia invades Ukraine “we will bring an end to Nord Stream 2. Ms.Toria Newman, a long time fixture at the State Department, also said the same thing in January, 2022. See Tucker below at 3:50 (11:29 total)

He also said it would not affect any decision to run for President again.

September 12, 2022: Tucker Carlson Tonight – Must Watch: Biden is now requiring (DEMANDING and the FBI is TAKING) Private Communication (including mobile phones) from over 40 MAGA supporters. The DOJ through armed FBI Agents is suppressing political dissent through harassment of hundreds of Trump Supporters. This THREAT to Silence Dissent and Free Speech is an Outrageous ASSAULT against the American System.

Now the DOJ is UNLAWFULLY Issuing Subpoenas on Major Trump Employees, Attorneys and Friends

Just the News: Sept 13, 2022:

For the Hillary Paid for Trump – Russia Investigation from 2016 to the Fall of 2020, knowing that he had ties to Russian Intelligence.

This is the TIP of the ICEBERG that could lead to a treasure trove of discovery in the trial beginning on October 16, 2022

Russia even believes in this Climate Change BULL SHIT. At the end of the interview when the Newsman asks him: “How can this be true when most worlds scientists believe humans cause global warming, Piers is cut off just as he finishes saying: “They are on the gravy train for heavens sake”

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