Posted by: bj | August 23, 2009

Obama’s New Diversiy Czar – Is Freedom of Speech about to be destroyed next?

Mark Lloyd has joined the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) as associate general counsel and chief diversity officer.
The FCC is the federal agency that regulates interstate and international communications by radio, television, wire, satellite and cable.  In his new position, Lloyd will help the FCC to develop communications policy that will increase media diversity and address the needs of low-income people, women, minorities, people with disabilities.
According to press releases, Lloyd is the new Diversity Zar for the Obama Administration.  His job is to make sure all broadcasters offer “diverse views” which in the new dictionary  = “Progressive”  views,  or   further defined = “Marxist” views, and defined further = “Socialist” views.
Lloyd s proposing the PRIVATE  BROADCASTERS PAY A LICENSING FEE EQUAL TO 100% OF THEIR OPERATING COSTS.  (THIS IS NOT A MIS PRINT).  The new FCC revenus would then be used to redistribute $$  from private broadcasters to The Corporation for Public Broadcasting.
The irony here is that the private broadcasters would be out of business on day one, and thus, there would be no revenue to give to the  Public Broadcasting Corporation.  Thus,  the real goal is to silence, conservative radio and FREEDOM OF SPEECH.

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