Posted by: bj | August 23, 2009

A Rational Health Care Solution

The health care debate boils down to three questions:

1.   Do you think the government can run a national health       care   program efficiently and cost effectively?

2.   Will US seniors stand for a $500 billion reduction in  Medicare Benefits?

3.  Can the US economy withstand a trillion $  Plus  tax increase to pay for “free health insurance for all”  including 13 million people living in the US illegally?


Every current government run progran or organization is or was or will become bankrupt based upon economic forecasts by the Congressional Budget Office (the office that works for Congress) :  Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid,  The VA, Amtrack, the Post Office,  etc.   as well as many  state, county and city governments.  They are all out of  $ because they spend  more money than they take in (which happens to be out taxes).

If the The (VA) Vetrans Administration, the hospital for our War Heros,  or the “free”  medical service  provided to Native American Indans,  is any example of what the Obama / Democratic health care plan can become, we are in trouble.  Let’s  FIX  all the current programs listed above and then focus on Fixing  the current health care  system,  with no new taxes, one issue at a time.

The health care fix should be well thought out,  not crammed into place.  it needs to be fixed one issue at a time, over time, not in a 1000 + page piece of legislation that no one  in Congress ever reads.  The fix should begin with:

  1. Tort reform so the lawyers will allow doctors to pay a reasonable fee for insurance, which they pass on to patients.  The democrat/Obama  plan does not even address this, most important issue. 
  2. There are 1,300 insurance companies in th US.  By law, they can not sell insurance outside their state.  If the government allowed them to sell insurance across state lines, competition would drive down insurance costs significantly.  For example; in California there are only 6 insurance companies to buy insurance from.
  3. The government insurance company option, is not an option.  They would “out compete”  the private companies with our tax $ and put the private companies out of business

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