Posted by: bj | August 23, 2009

Myth on $ Spent on Iraq War and Health Care Funding

The liberal democrats always say, even to this day, if we had not gone into  Iraq we would have money for health care. 

Fact:  The world, including all the democrats in Congress agreed that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction until 2003, when they were  (sort of)  not found.      (See next post – WMD  were really found but the main stream media never reported it)   We went to Afghanistan & Iraq to insure that the United States is protected from terrorist activities.  In this new world, those who want to destroy the USA have many weapons of mass destruction (WMD)  options , nuclear, biological and nuclear,  that can fit in a suit case.  Unlike past wars, the bad guys do not wear uniforms and do not  have allegiance to any particular country.  The  potential destruction that a handful of terrorists could do to our country is enormous and is thousands of times the damage done to our country in past wars. 

Liberal democrats just do not get this issue.  In World War II, 418,500 were killed (1,700 civilians).  Thus far in Iraq & Afghanistan 5,018 US soldiers have unfortunately lost their lives.   Well placed WMDs  in the US could kill tens of millions. 

The point is:  In WWII the risk of loss of life on the Continental United States was very low, if not, non existent; and we lost 418,500 souls.  Today, the potential  risk of loss of life in the Continental United States is in the tens of millions of people and we have lost 5,081 souls in Iraq and Afghanistan to insure that  the US population is safe.

Winning the current war in Afghanistan & Iraq is more important than winning WWII and the cost to the United States in loss of life is 82 times less than in  WWII.    

Unfortunately, it may take a catastrophic  terrorist  attack or event to wake people up to the fact that  fanatic Muslims want us dead. 

Back to the main point: 

  1. If we have no country that exists, health care is a non issue.
  2. The cost of war is (hopefully) a one time cost
  3. And now for the main point:  The cost of the liberal  democrat government health care plan re-occurs and will increase every year, forever…………………………………….and ever…………………………..

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