Posted by: bj | August 24, 2009

Obama wants expensive gasoline to force you into mass transit & bicycles

In 2008, when gasoline was between $4.00 and  $4.50 per gallon, Obama thought it was not high enough;  he just  thought it went up too fast. 

On June 11, 2008, Barak Obama made the following remarks: 

“We have been slow to move in a better direction to adopt an energy policy.  The Bush administration has had no energy policy. I would prefer a gradual adjustment.  Such a fast upward movement in price is not a good thing.  The price has risen fast because of the big demand for oil by India & China.  We need to help people make an adjustment by putting money in their pockets.”

These statements are just amazing.  The Bush administration has been pushing congress for more drilling, more nuclear power plants, more refineries, alternative energy of wind & solar for 7 years.  The environmental lobby and liberals fight this on every front.  Obama wants  higher gasoline prices.

 The liberal politicians want higher gas prices.  They want higher gas prices because they want us out of our cars, into mass transit and on our bicycles.  As Jimmie Carter suggested years ago when he forced the “prime rate to 21%”, use less, turn down your thermostats  & wear your sweaters.

Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reed, Barak Obama & most liberals  think that oil and coal are polluting the world and causing green house gasses which is causing “global warming”.  Thus, they say, we must eliminate oil & coal from our lives and move to “renewal sources of energy”. 

We have had a coal & oil based economy for 130 years.  We are not going to go 100% to renewals in 10, 20,  30 or even 40 years.  If we continue down the road of no more off shore drilling, no nuclear power, no new refineries, the price of a gallon of Gasoline will approach $10 to $15 per gallon and bankrupt the country. 

We have 3 to 4  times the supply of oil they have in the Middle East in US coal, oil, oil sands and oil shale, but the liberal politicians will not allow us to access it.  We have to end the $700 billion, annual transfer of wealth to the Middle east and pay ourselves.  As soon as this announcement is made the price of oil will drop dramatically.  The price dropped over $14 per barrel   when The Bush Administration removed the ban on off shore drilling.  Now it is up to the states and the politicians.

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