Posted by: bj | October 19, 2009

Obama Health Care Czar – Reminds Historian of Nazi De-Population Model –

Obama has appointed Ezekiel Emanuel, as a White House Health Care Advisor (Czar).  Dr. Emanuel is the brother of Rahm Emanuel, Obama’s Chief of Staff and is a Fellow at the Hastings Center   and is a member of the Federal Council on Comparative Effectiveness Research.    (just off the record – Have any of Obama’s appointments and Czars ever worked in the PRIVATE SECTOR?)  

The Hastings Center is a non partisan research institute dedicated to BIO-ETHICS & the Public Interest since 1969.  The Hastings Center Report (published bi-monthly, explores the ethical, legal, and social issues in medicine, health care, public health, & life sciences.

Emanuel is a bio-ethicist and has written extensively about medical care:

  1. Who should get it
  2. Who should decide if they get it
  3. Who’s life is worth saving
  4. thinks the “Hippocratic Oath”  is out of date in our modern world and blames it for the “overuse” of medical care
  5. and thinks the USA  has the best medical care system in the world but that it costs too much,
  6. and wants to reduce the cost
  7. and believes that the physicians duty is only to provide care for the greater good of society, not to the individual patient

This sounds like Communist doctrine from China, Russia, Cuba and Venezuela.


Anton Chaitkin, a historian and History Editor for the Executive Intelligence Review, a recent panelist at a Hastings Center discusses  the revival of EUGENICS under OBAMA’S  health care proposals through the denial of care of millions of Americans who would be judged; NOT FIT TO LIVE,  just as in NAZI Germany.  See the u tube video below.  The parallels of the Hitler’s Eugenics Program in the 1930 s and the open and avowed philosophies of Obama and those he has surrounded himself with are ominous.   Dr. Emanuel escapes more questions and exits this forum ASAP.   (This u tube video below  is experiencing some techincal problems; we hope they are resolved whe  you click on it)

New York Post Article , July 24, 2009

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