Posted by: bj | November 29, 2009

Obama Mentors – Principles & Philosophy

Who are the Obama mentors?

  1. Saul Alinsky:  Marxist, Socialist & Communist.  See:
  2. Cloward & Piven:  Saul Alinsky was their mentor.   See:
  3. Obama’s Father:  Read;  “Dreams from My Father” Senior Obama, in east Africa was a proponent of confiscation of private property & nationalization of all foreign-owned assets.
  4. Frank Marshall Davis:  When Obama’s mother left him in Hawaii at age 16,  with her parents and moved to Indonesia, Frank Marshall Davis became Obama’s surrogate father.  Frank, originally from Chicago,  was a Marxist & a member of the Communist party USA.
  5. Alice Palmer:  Obama’s predecessor in the Illinois State Senate.  Alice was active on the   radical left and even attended the 27 th Congress of the Communist party of the Soviet Union and was impressed.  Alice introduced Obama to 200 of  Chicago’s radical elite in the living room of Bill Ayres & Bernadine Dohrn in 1995.  Bill & Bernadine were Weather Underground Terrorists, who admittedly bombed many US government buildings.  See this:
  6. Gary Galluzzo:  Gary was a former Jesuit priest  and Executive Director of the Gamaliel Foundation, which trained community organizers in Chicago.  Most of these community organizers liked the Saul Alinsky  approach to community organizing.  This was Obama’s first job in Chicago.
  7. Mike Kruglik:  A regional Director for the Gamaliel Foundation, trainer of Obama in the Alinsky methods and involved in training Obama campaign volunteers in the Alinsky methods of community organizing.
  8. Rev. Jeremiah Wright:  Obama’s pastor for over 20 years; close Obama friend; baptised their children; officiated their wedding;  and preaches Black Liberation Theology.  See:
  9. John L. McKnight: A Northwestern University professor; sits on th Board of the Gamaliel Foundation; trainer of Obama in the Alinsky Methods and tactics.
  10. All the efforts of the Obama mentors have culminated in the formation of ACORN in 1970.  See:



  1. Radical Change in the Structure of our Society and Institutions
  2. Whatever Will Achieve the Desired Results is Acceptable
  3. Community Organization for Change to Revolution
  4. Foment a Complete Collapse followed by Installation of a Completely New System
  5. Government Ownership of Private Enterprise Companies
  6. Government Run Health Care System
  7. Government Regulation /  attempts to take over US Energy Companies
  8. Tax the Producers and Re-Distribute the Cash to the Non Producers = Re-distribution of wealth  =  (“social justice”)
  9. Open-Door Immigration Policy, especially illegal immigrants which Obama now calls “undocumented immigrants”
  10. Massive Government Growth to promote “social justice”

Obama says, (before the election) that Acorn and Friends will shape his presidential agenda.

Click to view YouTube clip

Rahm Emanuel, Obama Chief of Staff says:  “Never let a serious crisis go to waste”.

Click to view YouTube clip

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