Posted by: bj | December 25, 2009

Liberal Policys Devastate Detroit Obama Implementing Same Policys Through-Out America –

Detroit was a the “model American City” 50 years ago.  It had the highest median income in America.  it now ranks 66 out of 68.  Detroit used to be the envy of the worlds automobile manufacturing companies.  Now Chrysler is gone, General Motors is owned by the Government and the United Automobile Workers (UAW)  Union;  Ford is hanging on for dear life and most of the thousands of companies that supplied auto manufactures with parts have disappeared.  

Detroit Demograpics (partial)

The highschool graduation rate is 25%.  A highschool student has a higher probability of going to prison than graduating from highschool.  The policies of the  teachers union and the UAW have bankrupted the city.  UAW workers have 7 weeks of paid vacation; a job bank that pays them 100% of salary not to work (when not work s available; $74 per hour in pay and an average of $130,000 per year in salary and benefits.

The unemployment rate is 28.9% and the average home price in Detroit is $5,700.  You are reading this correctly, not $57,000 or $570,000, but $5,700.

How did this happen in 50 years?

  1. Liberal politicians promising and delivering  more and more entitlement programs to give the less advantaged a leg up
  2. Teachers unions that care more about the union than the students
  3. UAW union that cares more about the union than the long-term welfare of their members
  4. UAW unions that have blackmailed the automobile manufactures into contracts that have, are or will bankrupt the automobile manufactures.

have created a “state dependent city” that has made Detroit the “poster boy” for leftist, Marxist and socialist policies at work.

This is exactly the direction the Marxist Obama administration is taking America.  The more the government (at all levels) tries to help us the more they make us more dependent on them for everything and the less  freedom we have.

In our opinion, the government and the UAW will soon be telling the auto manufactures what kind of cars to make and what to sell them for; and since none of this will be based upon free market principles, it will be doubtful if they will make sufficient profit to  survive with out additional bailouts from the government,  just like Detroit received from the government for the last 50 years.  The “Catch 22”  is that Obama hates any one who makes a profit.  General Motors needs profits to survive.  If GM is profitable, will Obama like profits since the government owns the company?  Who will buy a GM vehicle if the employees make  2 times what a Toyota worker makes and the GM product is priced out of the market?  If GM profits the UAW will want a piece for their members.  Who will survive, GM, the UAW?  It will be interesting to watch this movie.

America Wake Up!

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