Posted by: bj | January 4, 2010

Islam – Good or Evil – ?

Geert Wilders, Chairman of the Netherlands Party for Freedom, speaks at the Four Seasons Hotel in New York City on September 25, 2008.  Mr. Wilders is afraid for his continent, America and the world.  There are 54 million Muslims in Europe.  San Diego University estimates that 25% of Europe will be Muslim in 10 years.

He is trying to educate those who will listen,    to ISLAM 101. 

  1. The two most important facets of Islam are:  1) The Quran is Allah’s personal word, revealed by an angel to Mohammed, the prophet, and  is Allah’s word, valid for all Muslims and for all time; and 2)  Mohammed is the “perfect man”
  2. The Quran calls for Muslims to terrorize, kill & wage war, “Jihad”  against ALL NON MUSLIMS and to “rule the world” by “the sword”
  3. Mohammed’s behavior is supposed to be an example to all Muslims and can not be disputed.  In fact Mohammed was a warlord, a mass murderer and engaged in other actions we do not want mention here.
  4. Moderate  Islam does not exist; but there are moderate Muslims
  5. Islam is a political ideology, not a religion.

Below is a transcript of Mr. Wilders speech in NY:

America as the Last Man Standing

Comments on the Speech and movie:

The short movie:  FITNA is below:


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  2. Thank you for this. (Our so-called ‘reporters’ and ‘journalists’ should have made us all informed of all this and the rest, decades ago).

    I am (was) so angry, in disbelief, that Geert Wilders speech at ground zero was completely blacked out. I went around the whole weekend thinking there had to be someone, some news channel, who would pick it up, or at least mention it, or him, his trip here to defend our people and the slain.

    I think I was in shock.
    I should have known. But as usual, I am a little late in realizing the depth of the evil we are surrounded by.
    These people – the liars in media and government – shoudl be tried for high treason.

    Now, I am past angry. I was hopeless about our country’s situation. To look around at all our people, sick, depressed, ignorant, confused, and hopeless as well, what can be done at this point?
    I am not exactly hopeless now, but still, very very depressed. I can’t seem to get out of this state of mind now. We are as a country, shent.
    Only miracles can shake this people/populace up now, of education, and I can’t see that happening.
    Keep up the great work, Bob Johnson, I am sorry I am so negative, but your site is what can turn this around. If only our people could read. If only they could think as they were born to.
    It is hard to think clearly about anything, to react with natural instincts, if you are medicated, indoctrinated and poisoned.
    It’s going to take something bad, very bad, I think, and then, what tragic price to pay for our mistaken trust.
    thank you again, you are a strong warrior angel. I’ll get over this depression. I always do. thanks to people like you.

    • Ingrid

      You are very kind. You need to go to my “fun and interesting ” category on the top right to get your mind off this stuff for a few mnutes. here are 35 to 40 posts there that are really cool. try:


      Where are you located?




    • Check this out. You will love it. Go to “select category” on top right and click on

      Daniel Hannan (#0) Member the European Parliament (MEP)

    • Enemies of ‘Islam’ always tried to explain it negatively at all the times & Ages; but it never suffered because of its True Purity!!


      ‘Jihad’ is never against Non-Muslims; rather, its against those, who want to destroy this ‘True Religios of Islaam’.

      Islaam is not from Muhammad (PBUT) or any other man; its from the One GOD of all Human beings!

      Thanks 🙂

      • Then why did Muslims recently behead a catholic priest and kill Coptic Christians in Egypt?

      • If this is so, why do some who are folowers of Islam, murder thousands in the name of Allah?

  3. Oh, I forgot one other thing, as well as being impossible to think clearly and react correctly/be able to defend oneself,when medicated, indoctrinated, and poisoned – add to that mix INTIMIDATED – deliberately, systematically traumatically frightened to say what needs to be said, makes this situation of our people very alarming. It is extremely sad. It is extremely disturbing. I’m trying, but I can’t do enough.

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