Posted by: bj | February 10, 2010

Obama Green Job Stimulus Plan – Cronyism –

You give me money and I will give you the taxpayers money.  This is not Illegal , but it should be……………..

Serious Materials, a window manufacturing company, receives a special tax credit for “green companies” (not to mention free advertising) from President and Vice President of the United States.  This is the only window manufacturing  company to receive tax credits.

As it turns out, Cathy Zoi, is the Weatherization Czar, who overseas the   U S  government “weatherization program” for the US Department of Energy and is married to Ron Roy, the V P of Policy and Production at Serious Windows. 

This is selective discrimination, crony capitalism and IS OUTRAGEOUS!


  1. Stossel is wrong from what I see. SEVEN window and glass companies got a tax credit – it’s not even money in these companies’ pocket right out of the gate. The get a tax break if they spend millions on new machinery…..when you look into this doesn’t sound like cronyism, it sounds like Stossel spin and no doubt pitched to him by companies who can’t make better windows. Read more here

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