Posted by: bj | February 24, 2010

Energy Czar Says US Must Decrease Energy Use


Energy Secretary Chu Says U.S. Must Decrease Energy Use
Dow Jones via Rig Zone ^ | 2/24/10 | Nour Malas

Posted on Wednesday, February 24, 2010 10:27:05 AM by thackney

Steven Chu, Obama’s U S Energy Czar, Nobel Laurate, and advocate for the world to paint their roofs and roads white to reduce global warming,  said Wednesday that the U.S. must decrease its energy use to allow developing nations the room to grow, while emphasizing that prosperity doesn’t have to come with a large carbon footprint.

“We believe we have to decrease our use of energy to allow headroom for the developing nations to grow their economies,” Chu said in a speech in Abu Dhabi, capital of the United Arab Emirates.

“There is no law of physics that says prosperity is proportional to carbon emissions,” Chu said.


This guy is a fool.  With this statement he is advocating the decline of the American economic engine which has given the U. S.  the greatest prosperity in the world and the advancement of economies in “developing nations”.  HE IS MORE INTERESTED IN INCREASING JOBS IN THIRD WORLD COUNTRIES THAN IN THE UNITED STATES.  Does he not understand that the increase in domestic jobs requires increasing all forms of  low-cost domestic energy production.

By the way, Mr. Chu,  if you have not read the news lately,  ALL   those that thought they discovered global warming have since spoken out very softly in the past 30 days,  that they used the wrong data and methodology when coming to their conclusion that “global warming” is a world world crisis.  They have told us that GLOBAL WARMING DOES NOT EXIST.    I CALL THIS A  FRAUD………….!

Also, as you must know, the United States has 500% more oil in domestic reserves that exists in the entire middle east.  The current  shortage  of energy , which results in $700 billion flowing from the United States to Muslim oil producers in the Middle East, is caused by the liberal STATISTS in congress and the White House  not allowing private sources to produce domestic energy.

Mr. Chu,  the amount of energy in the world is not a zero sum game.  Let the developing nations produce their own energy,  AND LET THE UNITED STATES  PRODUCE ITS OWN ENERGY.  I THINK THAT IS YOUR JOB…………….??

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