Posted by: bj | March 10, 2010

Pelosi, an Embarrassment to USA

Nancy Pelosi actually said this on the 2,600 + page  Health Care Bill yesterday;  

 “We have to pass this bill so you can find out what  is in it.”  

If you are not in favor of the Obama, Pelosi, Reed government health care plan, you must call and email your congress person this week or this government take over of your health care may happen by March  19, 2010.

If this wasn’t on u-tube it would be difficult to believe.  I am embarrassed that  our Country has elected someone like this person and many others with a similar   mentality.


  1. Not only am I embarrassed but SCARED to death……….that our Country has elected someone like this Pelosi.

    • We need to stop this healHt care bill that will bankrupt the Country and which 2 out of 3 people do not want. see to see who to send faxes to. THIS IS THE WEEK!!!!!!!!!!

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