Posted by: bj | March 9, 2011

Obama’s Health Care Rationing Formula – Will Scare the @*# Out of You

This is a “Must listen to video”  by Dr David Janda on October 13, 2010;   click here,

or read below and click at the end to view video.

Part I – The Stimulus Bill (March 2009 – which no one read) contains a well  hidden provision which:

  • Creates The Federal Coordinating Council for Comparative Effectiveness  Research
  • at a cost of $1.1 billion
  • has a board of 15 members (which Obama appointed within 3 days of the stimulus being passed)  I would call this a health care rationing board. 
  • Why would one call this a “Rationing Board”?

Comparative Research is defined as :

  • The cost of medical treatment
  • divided by the years of benefit from the treatment
  • which equals a Ratio
  • where the Ratio will determine if you can or will be treated

The existence of this Rationing Board proves that Obama had the full intention of rationing health care even before Obama Care was passed.

Part II   The Health Care Bill   (March 2010 – that no one read)   created:

  • a second multi billion $  board:  the “National Coordinator  for Health Information Technology”
  • to implement the decisions of the 15 board member “Coordinating Council”
  • where the “National Coordinators Office” will determine a patients treatment at the time and place of care.

This whole experiment was passed on the pretense of providing health care to 32 million people who currently have no health care.  This fact alone would lead to  the conclusion that health care will be rationed.  With polls showing that 45% of existing physicians will leave their practice,  the US Health Care System faces complete destruction after January 2013 if Obama Care is not defeated in its entirety


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