Posted by: bj | May 10, 2011

California’s $200,000 per Year Lifeguards

No Wonder California is  Insolvent…………………………………………………………..  Public Employee Unions are bankrupting California and the Country.

Newport Beach Full Time Lifeguards (all but one)  make annual salaries ranging from $120,000 to $211,000 plus benefits.   Some retired  lifeguards make more than those currently working.   This is not just a Newport Beach problem.  This is a common story all over the “once golden State”.  In California 31% of state, county and city payroll goes toward pensions of retired employees.  This number is growing fast.  In Fresno the number is 51%. 

To solve this  fast approaching TRAIN WRECK,  City, County and State governments will try to raise revenues by raising taxes which will accelerate their insolvency.   Until State, County and City governments stand up to the PUBLIC   EMPLOYEE   UNIONS,  these problems will not go away and they will get worse.   With the vast majority of California politicians on the progressive, Statist  left, voting for more taxes,  our only solution is to VOTE, like the nation voted  in November 2010.

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