Posted by: bj | July 28, 2011

LA Sheriff & Police Department Support Muslim Brotherhood

Muslim Brotherhood leaders of  Egypt are Sponsored and supported by Ahmadinejad, Iran.  Los Angeles Sheriff,  Baca and L A Police Department.  Make sure you view the short videos at the end of this post………………

Concerned Citizens for the First Amendment this Friday – to expose the Sheriff
of Los Angeles and the LAPD’s support of the Muslim Brotherhood.
500 W. Temple, L.A., Ca 90012.  11 A.M. – 2 PM.
Steve Klein, bio available .

LAPD states that the Muslim Brotherhood has evolved to a good group of folks who support Democracy and with a $50,000,000 grant from private money,  is training Imams in America about how good democracy is – and how well the Muslim Brotherhood fits in with our Constitutional rights.

Here’s what Inspire Magazine, the al Qaeda Magazine on line says about this and the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood leader of al Qaeda, Zawahiri has to say about the Muslim Brotherhood and al Qaeda with democracy blossoming in the Middle East.

“The West has publicly stated its support for the revolution of the masses.  But do they really mean it?  Or is it because they do not realize the reality of what is happening Or is it just because they feel that they must join the bandwagon?  (Letter from THE EDITOR.) … Another line that is being pushed by the Western leaders is that because the protests in Egypt and Tunisia were peaceful, they proved al Qaeda – which calls for armed struggle – to be wrong.  … Muslim Brotherhood, Zawahiri, al Qaeda leader who replaced Osama Bin Laden is featured repeating this:  Islam is spread via violent Jihad.

Los Angeles Sheriff Baca and LAPD statements supporting the Muslim Brotherhood. 



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