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Obama’s Communist Mentors / Advisors – Connecting the Dots –

Paul Kengore, Ph.D. has written and just published (July 17, 2012),  “The Communist” – Frank Marshall Davis: The Untold Story of Barack Obama’s Mentor.

This history of Obama’s mentors background and associations is important to understand, because it shows how ideas, policies, and rhetoric origination in Marxist – Leninist doctrine and anti-American propaganda have been “mainstreamed” into the current Democratic Party politics.

Obama’s mentors and a handful of close confidants in his White House circle include:

Frank Marshall Davis – Obama’s Mentor and role model

  • Originally a Republican, he became a Devout “card-carrying”  member of the communist party, Number 47544, and  on FBI security index
  • Edited and wrote for the communist newspapers (where Soviet agents were contributors) in Chicago and Honolulu
  • In 1948 Davis moved to Honolulu and worked for the Honolulu Record, then edited and run by communist party member, Koji Ariyoshi.
  • even in the 40’s and 50’s Davis was using Obama quotes of today: “hope and change”, “forward”, “redistribution of the wealth”, “excess profits”, “tax cuts that spare the rich”, “universal health care”, “take over of General Motors and oil companies”, etc.
  • Frank Marshall Davis was an active member of the communist party in Hawaii, even when it went underground in 1950 and was Chairman of the cell:  Group # 10.
  • in the 70’s, Davis met and began mentoring Obama  and was a close friend of Obama’s mother, and her father, also avowed communists.
  • The Hawaii communist party slowly  faded into the Democratic Party and the International Longshore Workers Union
  • Davis was a source of inspiration to a young, fatherless, impressionable, Obama

Paul Robeson – Frank Marshall Davis’s Mentor

  • Famous African-American athlete, actor, singer, and black nationalist,
  • Supporter of Stalin, communism and trade union activist
  • thought communism could be used to free Africa from “colonial powers”, another Obama father objective, which is one of Obama’s passions.
  • Chosen by Henry Wallace, a member of FDR’s administration, and a communist sympathizer, involved in the occult, and the founder of todays progressive party.
  • Sent Frank Marshall Davis to Hawaii to work on unionizing agricultural workers

Valerie Jarrett

  • Number One right hand Senior Advisor to Obama in the White House
  • Worked for Harold Washington, Mayor of Chicago. (see below)
  • Appointed Van Jones, a self avowed communist, as Obama’s Green Czar (see Obama’s Czars below, where Valerie praises Van Jones)

Vernon Jarrett

  • Valerie’s father in law, Vernon Jarrett, a Chicago Sun Times columnist,
  • worked closely with comrad Frank Marshall Davis in the 1940’s
  • moved to Chicago in 1946 and was a jouirnalist for the Chicago Defender, which was heavily influenced by the Communist Party USA,
  • was a key member of the South Chicago communist  left, of the late 40’s,
  •  was elected to the Illinois Council of the Communist Party’s youth wing (known as, American Youth for Democracy), in 1946.
  • Frank Marshall Davis was an official sponsor of “American Youth for Democracy”.
  • Vernon Supported “progressive” causes including Chicago’s first black mayor and socialist/communist backed Harold Washington to the Chicago mayoralty.
  • Washington hired Valerie Jarrett after his mayoral  victory and Valerie hired Michele Robinson, (now Obama’s wife)
  • Harold Washington’s mayoral election victory and  mentor Frank Marshall Davis (from Chicago)  inspired Obama to move to Chicago where his career was promoted by Vernon and Valerie Jarrett and the Chicago communist party.

David Axelrod – Senior Obama Advisor

  • Mother, Myril Bennett Axelrod, worked for PM, a leftist New York newspaper from 1940-48, whose ranks were penetrated by communists seeking to advance Marxist Stalinist philosophy.
  • Famous PM Washington correspondent, I. F. Stone was subsequently identified as a Soviet agent by “the Verona” documents and a former KGB official, Oleg Kalugin.
  • Was a political columnist for the Hyde Park Herald where he began to be mentored by David Cantor (a lifelong communist) and his associate, Don Rose.
  • Cantor’s father, Jacob Cantor, was a lifelong communist, secretary of the Boston Communist Party, a professor at the Abraham Lincoln School (an infamous Communist Party USA, Chicago based front for Marxist & Lenin doctrine), and had dozens of other ties to far left communist front organizations.
  • Axelrod became a political consultant representing Democratic candidates and progressive left-wing causes.
  • Axelrod worked for David Cantor, Don Rose and ran the election campaign of Harold Washington, Carol Mosley-Braun (the first black woman elected to the US Senate) Deval Patrick (first black governor of Massachusetts),  Patrick Kennedy, Rod Blagojevich , former Chicago Governor (currently is prison), Hillary Clinton, Eliot Spitzer, Chris Dodd, John Edwards and others.
  • Don Rose  was associated with SDS, the left-wing campus organization that fostered the “weather underground”  terrorist organization founded in 1969 by another Obama associate and friend, Bill Ayers, an avowed, unapologetic terrorist.
  • in 2004, Axelrod served Obama as chief advisor for the US Senate race and in 2007-08 received $343 million to handle advertising for the Obama Whitehouse run.
  • After Obama’s election victory in November 2008, he sold his interest in his political consulting company and became a senior advisor to Obama.

Besides the above Communist Party Members and sympathizers who are or were mentors of Obama, Obama or Valerie Jarrett have appointed dozens of other self pro-claimed  communist or far left progressive thinking (unelected and unaccountable ) czars including:

  • Van JonesGreen Czar -Self proclaimed Communist ane weather underground terrorist
  • Carol Ruth Browner – Environmental – Energy Czar –
  • Ann Dunn – Communications Czar – (her favorite are Mother Teresa, a Saint and Mao-Tse Tung, greatest mass murderer of the 20th century)
  • Mark Lloyd – Diversity Czar – Praises Communist, Hugo Chavez, Venezuela President
  • Ezekiel Emanuel – Health Care Czar – very scary beliefs –
  • John Holdren – Science Czar –
  • Cathy Zoi – Weatherization Czar –
  • Kevin Jennings – Safe School Czar –
  • Cass Sunstein – Regulatory Czar –
  • Samantha Power, Cass’s wife, – Foreign policy Czar – advocates Muslim invasion of Israel

Detail on above Czars is here

In summary, so-called journalists, biographers, and the media in general are guilty of “scandalous neglect” in vetting Barack Obama, before his election to the Senate, President or today. 

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