Posted by: bj | September 18, 2012

Obama & Hillary Policys Are Responsible for Libya Consul Murders

United States Consulates and employees in twenty six Muslim countries from Africa to Asia are threatened by Muslims encouraged on by the Muslim Brotherhood.  The President of Egypt, a major spokesman for the Muslim Brotherhood,  meets with the President of Iran in Tehran.  Obama snubs Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin  Netanyahu and invites the Muslim Brotherhood to the Whitehouse. ………………………………

Obama and Hillary blame these Anti U S attacks on a 14 minute video called “The Innocence of Muslims” which was shown to ten  people in a rented Hollywood theater several months ago and then some how turned up on UTube.  I can not find it anywhere to look at.   The Obama and Hillary  theory that this short film has led to the current terrorist activities at our Consulates is ridiculous.  If any thing caused these violent demonstrations it was:

  • Obama spiking the ball and bragging about how he killed Osama Bib Laden (hundred of times in the last few months – 18 at the DNC convention)

and should be even more pronounced after:

  • The Muslims see “Religulous”, the Bill Maher movie produced in 2008 which denigrates all religions, including Islam;  (oh, I forgot, Maher gave Obama a  $1 million contribution)    and
  • After the move comes out in several months about how Seal Team 6 killed Osama.  Remember, Obama gave the Hollywood movie producers top-level access to secret Pentagon and Intelligence Community files on the raid.

The American media  is totally corrupt  for not reporting any of these  actual facts.   


Obama Rules of Engagement in Afghanistan 

  • Military is not allowed to shoot at the bad guys unless the bad guys shoot at them first.
  • When a bad guy is taken prisoner they must be read there “Miranda Rights”; such as you have the right to remain silent, you have the right to an attorney, etc.   This is not a joke.  It is Obama policy.

This is taking place in a war zone where Afghan soldiers working with American soldiers are killing their American trainers, almost on a daily basis……………

Rules of Engagement for  U S Libya  Consulates

  • No U S Marine Presence Permitted Says Colonel  David Hunt – Hire outside contractors
  • No  live ammunition allowed
  • Egypt even warned the State Department about potential serious demonstrations at our Egyptian embassy,  ie Libya embassy could be in danger too.   The Hillary State Department did nothing.

With the rules of engagement in place in Libya and Afghanistan, it is a miracle that things are not worse than they are.  Obama and the Clinton’s people despise the military and anything to do with the military. 

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