Posted by: bj | October 19, 2012

Alfred E. Smith Dinner; Romney Roasts Obama & Obama Roasts Romney

Alfred E. Smith Dinner – October 18, 2012 

Romney Roasts Obama

Obama Roasts Romney


  1. Two of the things to worry about are the herlahctae law (ObamaCare) amd Medicare. For some strange reason Romney and Ryan get away with their claim to be saving Medicare while changing it drastically. And then they promise to repeal and replace ObamaCare. I think most people kind of like the idea that insurance companies spend premiums on the medical care of the insured. Most people think it is wrong for them to deny insurance or to cap benefits if you get sick so repeal is a big mistake. As to replace, what will it be replaced with and how many years (if ever) will that take.

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