Posted by: bj | January 24, 2013

China’s Ghost Cities

Dateline:    Special Broadcasting Services (SBS) Australia

China Ghost Cities

It is estimated that 65,000,000 apartments or condominiums and dozens of Newly Built Cities in China  are empty.


  1. Bob: I don’t know if you’ll get this, but in viewing this clip, I saw a side bar entitled “Switzerland’s Stolen Generation” OMG it is completely scarey, unbelieveable, and how could this have happened the last 170 years, from something like 1850 till 198something…. in a civil (maybe not) society…. in prissy little perfect Switzerland?!?!?!?!?! How come the world wasn’t screaming for civil rights for these thousands of young people, and babies…..


  2. Really, Terry? In a civil society, advocates for disabled people would warn local businesses about ADA violations, however when lawyers look at local businesses as an opportunity for financial gain by destroying or eroding the cashflow of a business owner, perhaps you should care for those “job creators” that republicans care so much about. SB1186 has put the business plan of the AADA and Nick A. into check by not earning as much as they used to with each demand for money letter that used to sent to local businesses. Since the large corporations have been squeezed, the AADA and Nick A. are targeting smaller businesses because the big corporations are now aware of your cottage industry. how do you sleep @ night? I’m guessing with barred windows, and a security system, and a firearm to protect you from those who might lose everything that you and your husband plan to take away. money is hard earned by a small business, and you take it soooo easily, just dark, and uncivil, so don’t judge others. I donate money back to the local community that puts food on my table. You just take hard earned money from businesses and pay off lobbyists to fight to complaints from business owners. Someday the law will protect businesses from the manipulation of the ADA law, how the DOJ allowed for the lawyers to be the enforecement arm is beyond me, like a fox guarding the hen house

    • Thank you for your comments. Bob

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