Posted by: bj | August 23, 2013

Maps & World Information

Maps and World Information


  1. Bob:  love twisted sifter I’ve seen some of the topics before, but didn’t remember from whence they came lots of fun, this site, but these maps… oh, boy 29-economic center of gravity, 34-water risk, predictable the world map of research! AND the intensely compact population of China+

    the fastest way to a first class civilization is mexico [and SoAmer] moving into the U.S. of course, China can simply fly/ship in…. [or buy in!] muslims seep in like a disease…. so little can kill so much The alternate plan is for the ‘least’ to simply wait for the ‘most’ to self-detonate and, weare asleep, but can we be awakened before it’s too late?


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