Posted by: bj | September 3, 2013

Political Corruption in San Francisco

Political Corruption in San Francisco


  1. Well, Bob, seems few remember the ‘gold rush.’ The history San Francisco is passing on from generation to generation would seem to be political graft and corruption, theft of public funds by substandard employees and leaders, business fronts in non-English, and homosexual activities. Tourists come only to see the landmarks:  GG Bridge, cable cars, Coit Tower, China Town, Cliff House [newer but not better], Lombard St, maybe the cable car barn, North Beach ‘and other sorrows,’ and perhaps a few other nostalgic spots. Ernie’s, Green’s, Julius’ Castle, Gino’s, Alfred’s, Paoli’s are all gone.The beat generation grew old, the summer of love became the endless winter of aids, and the face of the city reveals both non-native and paraphilia species.  

    Even the football team is leaving… but as long as there is business money there, and room for a few ships, it will survive, and if they can continue to jack the rates on the GG Bridge to take in $750,000 or $1,000,000 dollar$ a day, or more, they can keep supporting their special welfare system and special welfare leaders. At some point, however, even the bridge toll may wilt  , people may not care to pay so much to drive that bridge and not be able to park, and will work from home! Old cities, like old people and old Victorian homes, need special care if they are to survive and thrive.

    And a nation cannot “change” their language, race, religion, morality, and republic for a hodgepodge of things that are substandard and the antithesis of all they stand for, all they have built, all they have created, all they have earned, all they have preserved… and survive.


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