Posted by: bj | November 29, 2013

Pope Francis – Needs a History Lesson –

November 26, 2013; The Vatican – Jesuit Pope Francis, (from Argentina) denounces the “Tyranny of Capitalism and the unequal distribution of wealth.”

With  a Jesuit education from Santa Clara University, I find it difficult to criticize the Pope, But:

  • Being from Argentina, he should understand how a Marxist philosophy has destroyed his country over the last 100 years. See post below entitled: “Will History Repeat’ Is America Next”.
  • Socialist policy of redistribution of wealth leads to egalitarianism where everyone suffers equally.
  • Capitalism provides a system where the highest percentage of the  people have freedom and are prosperous.
  • Capitalism and Free Enterprise has done more to reduce world poverty than any government program.  Look at history.
  • The most socialistic (Marxist – Share the Wealth) countries in the world, run by statists, like Zimbabwe, Venezuela, Cuba, North Korea, and China have the highest historic levels of poverty, human rights violations, impoverishment, genocide, torture and murder in the world.  
  • Lack of Capitalism and the Rule of Law” has led to the economic and social collapse of Argentina, which was one of the most prosperous country’s in the world 100 years ago.

If the Pope wants social justice for the most people in the world, he should be promoting CAPITALISM, and the RULE OF LAW, not socialism and the equal distribution of wealth.


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