Posted by: bj | April 9, 2014

Louie Gohmert Rips Eric Holder

April 8, 2014; Louie Gohmert, Texas Rips Eric Holder, Attorney General, for not producing documents requested by Congress.  Holder was held in contempt of Congress last year for not producing documents for the FAST & FURIOUS GUN RUNNING.  If one is in CONTEMPT  OF CONGRESS, they usually go to prison.



  1. How is it possible in these days of ultra-multimedia communications that ANYONE with the smallest brain and simplest of “logic capacity” cannot see the REAL MISSION OF O’BUMMER, intent on becoming the greatest genius in history to ever take over and destroy a country without a single bullet (although silently packing billions of them into FEMA)… which would have “questionable ” use for them ever..hmmmm maybe something like Hitler’s model of the private army?

    But how dear reader could anyone design such brilliant political moves and executive orders and wrecking of healthcare and ripping away of personal rights and patronizing the voting block of illegal aliens, black militants, drug dealers, and slum-dwellers to guarantee his elections and re-elections with enough time to pull off the hope of all MUSLIMS (of which he is a publicly avowed member and supporter) to kill off their Christian American enemies?

    These are all REAL IMMUTABLE FACTS so why are they not brought to the AMERICAN public??/ Oh yes, the LIBERAL PRESS…more mindless imbeciles of our society …. too stupid to see these facts or just don’t care: Bring me the money for my airtime and I’ll be happy……for awhile! What’s up America or is that WAKE UP AMERICA?.

    Best of luck America, I’m off to Galt’s Gulch………John Galt

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