Posted by: bj | May 7, 2014

1943 – Glenn Miller Army Airforce Band

1943  –  Glenn Miller Army Airforce Band


  1. This is great. I love big band era music, and am always in the mood to hear it! And who didn’t love John Payne in Miracle on 34th Street, with beautiful Maureen O’Hara, and adorable Natalie These were great times in the life of America, save for being drug into WWII… [but it catapulted us into the 50’s] a time when women wore dresses, and hosiery with seams, and high heels, and hats and gloves, and men wore suits and hats, and wide ties and lapels, and carried cigarette cases, and danced! and men were……… well. men!!

    A time lost, replaced by ‘diversity’ with no anchors to this nation or what made our country great!

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