Posted by: bj | August 2, 2015

Best Man at John Kerrys Daughters Wedding = Chief Negotiator At Iran Nuclear Negotiations

Best Man at John Kerry’s Daughters Wedding = Chief Negotiator At Iran Nuclear Negotiations
Written by Michele Hickford, Editor-in-Chief on July 28, 2015

Don’t bog down in the minutiae. Basically, the article says this:

1) John Kerry has a daughter, Vanessa, who married Behrooz Vala Nahed (aka Brian Vala Nahed) in 2009.
2) Kerry was introduced to Mohammad Javad Zarif at a party hosted by George Soros over a decade ago.
3) Mohammad Javad Zarif’s son was the best man at the wedding mentioned in #1. (Vanessa Kerry/Behrooz(Brian) Vala Nahed)

4) Mohammad Javad Zarif was the chief negotiator in the recent U.S. – Iranian nuclear talks with John Kerry.

Nothin’ going on here folks….just move on. By the by, the web site is and Mr. West is a black conservative American. Just in case it makes any difference to you.
Also by the by, Snopes is perfectly comfortable with the Kerry – Zarif connection. knc


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