Posted by: bj | December 28, 2015

Obama Supports the PLO Terrorist Flag Flying in Washington, DC.

Obama Supports the PLO Terrorist Flag Flying in Washington, DC. 

Senator Cruz and 31 other members of Congress have put together, signed and sent a letter to John Kerry’s State Department outlining the Palestinian Liberation Organization’s (PLO) support for and actual terrorist actions and formally requesting that the current office of this group now situated in D.C., be closed. Of course, this Obama controlled department refused. So now, and for the near future, until a person without warm relationship with Muslim terrorists assumes the seat of power in the White House, the flag of this Muslim terrorist group will fly in our nation’s capital. Congressmen Ted Deutch, Debbie Schultz, Lois Frankel, Pat Murphy and Alcee Hastings all refused to sign on. So, what are you going to do about this on Election Day next year?

Click to access 20151218_Meadows-Cruz%20Letter.pdf


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