Posted by: bj | January 10, 2017

Obama Needs to Take This Walk

Obama Needs to Take This Walk


  1. Not the part commenting on obama, but the walking tour from the White House has been around for some time, and is very beautiful and meaningful to natural Americans and Christians. People should see this regularly.  One would suspect that obama would see these American monuments altered, or ultimately disfigured or destroyed by interlopers like muslims.  Hopefully, Trump will turn us from this direction.  Some things cannot be replaced. The long history of America is being corrupted for political gain by a notorious faction in this country that will be the downfall of our government and way of life.  We must wake up, and return this nation to Christian conservative Constitutional values and the patriots who support that, stop immigration, stop allowing hundreds of small groups and minorities to break up everything this nation stands for, return to law and order, remove non-citizens, stop sending billion$ of dollar$ annually to other nations until we have educated, employed, housed and fed all American citizens.  What man would turn his paycheck over to strangers and let his wife and several of his children starve.  Why would a nation do the same.

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