Posted by: bj | January 18, 2018

Biggest Corruption Scandal in US History

Biggest Corruption Scandal in US History, is about to unfold: Today, the Congress finally received long awaited and classified Dossier information from the Justice Department.  Will the public get to see it?

  • Corruption at the Top of the Obama Administration FBI.
  • Corruption at the top of the Obama Administration  Justice Department.
  • Corruption of Hillary Clinton when she and associates destroyed over 33,000 emails and transmitted top secret documents over un-protected and personal computers, laptops and smart phones.
  • Corruption at the Clinton Campaign and the Democratic National Committee for hiring Fusion GPS, who engages Christopher Steele, a British spy, who engages Russian spy to create a false and salacious dossier to discredit candidate Trump and destroy President Trump,  (cost to Hillary and the DNC =  $12 million +)
  • Corruption at the Clinton Foundation for allowing Russia to acquire 20% of Uranium deposits in the United  States for contributions to the Clinton Foundation of over $145 million.
  • Corruption when the FBI (Comey, who Trump fired)  finds Hillary Clinton (and her associates) not guilty of destroying 33,000 emails, computers, cell phones and documents months before they are all formally investigated.
  • The US Justice Department (Jeff Sessions) has just re-opened the Uranium One and Hillary 33,000 emails scandals.
  • More Corruption at the FBI when the FBI receives the above dossier and uses it to obtain FISA warrants from Federal judges to conduct surveillance on the Trump campaign and Trump associates.
  • Corruption at the FBI and Justice Department when they both refuse to cooperate with the US Congress (who oversees them) for months and even refuses to answer the question:  “Did you use the dossier to obtain the FISA warrants to obtain the surveillance?”
  • By not answering this question, they obviously admitted they used the dossier to obtain the FISA “spying” warrants
  • The Comey leaking of information, the dossier and Trump firing the head of the FBI, Comey,  was what caused, Deputy Attorney General, Rod Rosenstein, to appoint a Special Prosecutor, Former head of the FBI, Robert Muller, to find Trump and Russian collusion in the 2016 election.
  • Potential Corruption of Robert Muller, who employed 15 anti Trump and pro  Hillary people to find Trump collusion with Russia.
  • Muller and Congressional committees have spent 8 months trying to find Trump guilty of something and have come up with nothing.
  • The dossier which is now (as of today)  proven to be a sham and was primarily used to appoint Muller, the special prosecutor to get Trump, should now lead to the Muller Special Prosecutor team being shut down.
  • Corruption in 90% of the Media, most notably, ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC who constantly disseminate false news and thus far refuse to cover any of this blockbuster news.  You will only see this on FOX News.
  • This is all the tip of the Iceberg.

No wonder liberals and democrats are going off the deep end calling Trump, mentally incompetent, a racist,  in terrible health, etc., etc.  They are freaking out about the US public learning  about all the above information.  

They are toast when the mainstream media reports the real news.  

Below is a Video of Mark Levin describing some of the above:


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