Posted by: bj | July 22, 2019

The Margarita Declaration: Change the System – Not the Climate”

The Green Environmental Movement, Climate Change or The Green New Deal Objective is to “CHANGE THE SYSTEM, NOT THE CLIMATE”



  1. Wow, Bob, that ‘high level committee’ that demands and ‘guarantees compliance’ and ‘forms of penalization’ sounds like a ‘high level’ far left wing communist creed to take over governance of the wealthy and productive Western world, aka the U.S., [under the guise of caring for the planet via faux control of the weather (as if that were even possible!)]; and, ‘redistribute’ our wealth into the hands of that ‘high level committee’ to rule the world and dole out chump chips to various poverty stricken countries to buy and insure their loyalty as sheeple comrades.  No One World Order under the control of miscreants and morons!

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