Posted by: bj | February 3, 2020

Gerry Nadler and Democrats Kick God out of Congressional Hearings

Gerry Nadler and Democrats Kick God out of Congressional Hearings.  



  1. ***Just saw this, so don’t know if oath is in or out,but you can bet their support for the abnormal and bizarre is in….  Nothing like breaking down our society to make the democratSocialists happy.  They are too narcissistic to get it, when Rome burns they go down with it.Then there’s the insertion of ‘in muhammad we trust’ with hand on the quran, * [excerpt from liberal batcrazy] snopes: On 30 January, after this article was published, the Natural Resources committee formally published the original draft of proposed rule changes, which had deleted “so help you God,” thus authenticating the document posted by Fox News and confirming the accuracy of the network’s report.

    The committee also posted the “Manager’s Amendment,” tabled by Committee Chair Rep. Raúl Grijalva, which proposed re-inserting “so help you God” into the text of the witness oath. That amendment was passed “by unanimous consent,” and the committee formally re-inserted the phrase into the oath. 

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