Posted by: bj | April 27, 2020

Nancy Pelosi Outlines The Democrats Scam to Win Elections

Nancy Pelosi Outlines The Democrats Scam to Win Elections

Just Amazing……..Straight From Her Own Mouth. Word for Word. In action daily for 4 years to prevent Trump (and many others) from being a candidate and then to ELIMINATE him when he became President.

  1. Pelosi Calls it “THE Wrap-up Smear”
  2. “SMEAR your opponent with falsehoods and all the rest”
  3. “Then Merchandise it”
  4. “And then, you (the press) write it up”,
  5. “Then THEY (the public) see it reported in the press, this and this and this”
  6. “And then they (the public) have this validation”
  7. And the media reports the lies over and over………….

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