Posted by: bj | June 11, 2020

National Anarchy – Civi War ?

June 11, 2020: National Anarchy – Civi War ? See destructive video below:

Are we days away from nationwide anarchy.

From “CHAZ” in downtown Seattle to Oakland, LA, Chicago and NYC, the concept of “personal property” is under heavy debate.

Police protection?

Sorry, that tax-payer supported function is being defunded…police officers should probably look elsewhere for financial support.

The video below captures the vandalism that occurred recently at the Oakland Mercedes showroom, a consequence of the George Floyd protests.  

History: Mercedes Benz of San Francisco and Oakland was started in 1963 by a friend, Jules Barsotti.  

Jules was a first generation Italian and wonderful man.  

He passed away in 2008 and the business is now managed by his son.

As an aside, just a few miles south in San Leandro, the Dodge dealership was looted, with over 70 cars driven off the lot.  

To date, only 20 or so have been recovered.   

While not certain, assume the Mercedes Benz dealership was saved from a similar fate because the looters could not locate or access the keys.


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