Posted by: bj | August 24, 2020

Open Up The Country or We will Throw You Out !

From a Shasta County council meeting ——Hoo RAH
Tell it like it is!  There are millions of Americans that feel this way


  1. ***Millions of Americans feel just like this man does.  This lockdown is making the entire country pay the price for those couple hundred thousand who will die from this flu because their systems are already weakened.  It heartbreaking, of course, but we cannot shutter an entire country and all businesses, and lockdown 3 and one half million Americans indefinitely. Registered deaths in the U.S. according to CDC for 2017 were over 2,813,000.  74% of these deaths occur from these top ten causes:heart disease        648,000cancer                  600,000accidents              170,000COPD                   160,000stroke                  146,400alzheimers            121,400diabetes                 84,000flu/pneumonia        56,000kidney disease        50,600suicide                   47,200 Though these diseases are not all ‘contagious’, still, the current Wuhan flu death rate falls somewhere in the middle of these every year deaths of Americans. Many Americans are reacting as though the world is coming to an end, when this flu is causing far fewer deaths than heart disease or cancer.  We’ve already seen that those deaths from this flu occurred almost exclusively to people of advanced age and/or with compromised health.  As always, the strong survive [and apparently the stupid, also]

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