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Glen Greenwald: “The CIA, FBI, and other intelligence agencies have joined mainstream media outlets in support of the Democratic Party, “which is likely to at least take over one branch of government.”

October 29, 2010: Glenn Greenwald speaks out on leaving The Intercept over censorship: ‘Embarrassed and angered’

‘The very outlet that I co-created … tried to intervene to censor me six days before an election,’ Greenwald tells ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight

Glenn Greenwald explains his decision to leave the outlet on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’

Glenn Greenwald opened to “Tucker Carlson Tonight” Thursday about his decision to walk away from The Intercept — the media outlet he co-founded — and blamed liberal editors who “vehemently and enthusiastically support” Joe Biden for censoring an article critical of the Democratic presidential nominee.

Greenwald announced his decision in a scathing blog post that claimed his now-former employer has become “completely unrecognizable” because it no longer offers a venue for airing dissent, marginalized voices and unheard perspectives. 

“The reason it was created was to ensure that journalists would always have complete journalistic independence and editorial freedom, never have to pull punches journalistically or pay homage to pieties because of the ideological preferences of editors or of anyone else,” Greenwald told host Tucker Carlson. 

 That is what makes it so amazing, that the very outlet that I co-created — that was built on my reputation, my credibility, my journalistic accomplishment — then tried to intervene to censor me six days before an election because I wanted to publish reporting and analysis about the evidence that raises serious questions about the conduct of the candidate that all of the editors at that outlet vehemently and enthusiastically support.”

Greenwald explained that the censored article was “based on recently revealed emails and witness testimony [and] raised critical questions about Biden’s conduct,” a topic that has been largely ignored or dismissed among mainstream media outlets. Greenwald said he is “embarrassed and angered” that his outlet fell for the now-debunked claim that the allegations were a product of Russian disinformation.

“The only article I published about all of these documents that have emerged about Joe Biden, other than a column of mine where I denounced Facebook and Twitter for censoring it,” he said, “was an article that made reference in passing to those documents very snidely and dismissively to say that no one should pay attention to it because it was Russian disinformation and it cited a letter from John Brennan, James Clapper … the rest of the goons from the CIA and intelligence community asserting it.”

The Intercept, among other things, was created to question the assertions of intelligence agencies, who Greenwald accused of “disseminating propaganda in a very powerful way.

“They are authoritarian, they believe in censorship, and they believe in suppression of information that exposes them in any kind of a critical light.”— Glenn Greenwald, ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’

“That letter [signed by Brennan and Clapper] said we have no evidence that Russia is involved in any of this,” he explained, but “The Intercept omitted that phrase, simply cited that letter to try to encourage people to ignore this evidence on the grounds that Russia had manufactured it and that the evidence was fabricated, even though there has never been any evidence that that has been true and everything since has disproven it.”

Greenwald warned that the CIA, and other intelligence agencies have banded together with mainstream media outlets in support of the Democratic Party, “which is likely to at least take over one branch of government if not all of them in the coming election  — and that’s a very alarming proposition.

“They are authoritarian, they believe in censorship, and they believe in suppression of information that exposes them in any kind of a critical light.”


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