Posted by: bj | October 30, 2020

Incredible Story


  1. ***This is a heartwarming story, what an amazing woman.  And she did all this long distance from Canada.What courage and stamina. And yet, it makes no sense.  Why when so many Jews suffered and escaped socialist/communist/nazi political regimes, and terrorist dictators, and after this country lost many thousands of our young men to get the Jews out of the torture and death clutches of Hitler… why do most Jews who came to this country for freedom promptly turn around and vote for african/middle eastern/muslim President and Congressmen, who have and will see the Jews destroyed.  Who in their right mind votes to put their enemies in power?  It makes no sense, particularly given the rabid violence and communist actions and activities of the democrat party.President Trump has done more for Jews than any American President, yet they turn on him and continue to support their own enemies.Pray for this nation.

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