Posted by: bj | November 16, 2020

Robert David Steele, a former US Marine and CIA spy has some positive news – ?

Robert David Steele, a former US Marine and CIA spy has some positive news:

Robert Steele: 100 Resignations from Congress, Sidney Powell Going After Big Tech, John Brennan to Jail?

Here’s an upbeat way to start the week.
Robert David Steele, a former US Marine and CIA spy has some positive news for those of us who don’t want to be locked down in the “Dark Winter” of 2021.
• He confirms, again reports about the vote-tabulating servers being captured by the military – not by intelligence trying to cover its ass, as was rumored by some.
• Robert says, “I have it from multiple sources that I cannot name but I will tell you they are all really stellar human beings. The best source for you, the public is Sidney Powell speaking on Lou Dobbs.”
• He believes that when the audits are finally done (there are some corrupt audits currently underway), the President is going to get Pennsylvania, Georgia, probably Arizona.
• Trump will also take the House, when California House seats are “flipped back to their proper alignment”.
• Robert expects over 100 resignations from Congress, likely over Christmas vacation; of people who have made the deal to leave and allow the President to restructure Congress after he’s been confirmed for a second term.
• Sidney Powell on Lou Dobbs announced that she’s going after Silicon Valley and the Mainstream Media. Robert says, “What we’re going to end up having is a map of everybody who has been cyber-stalked, which is a federal crime and who has been digitally assassinated, which is also a federal crime. It can be approached in different ways, including defamation, tortious interference, civil rights violations and so forth.
“We need to map these specific thoughts and expressions that have been censored and how they map to Deep State interests. 
“The cost to commerce and society, as well as the individuals. This is arguably the most pervasive form of tortious interference in history and we need to keep companies like PayPal and Stripe and Patreon in there, because if you deprive someone of funding because of their views, you are committing federal crimes, at multiple levels and what Sidney Powell is basically announcing on Lou Dobbs is the gloves are coming off, with not only social media but also Mainstream Media.
“Now, I just want to end with a couple of comments: 1. John Brennan, who I consider to be a massive piece of sh** – he was never a case officer – John Brennan is sh***ing in his pants because he knows that “we have it all”. 
“He knows that we have all of the Green Line encrypted conversations between him and Gina Haspel, between him and MI6 and Christopher Steele and others. 
“The British Government was basically fully complicit in the attempt to to do a coup against Donald Trump. 
“Brennan is sh***ing in his pants because we have enough to put him in jail for life and his objections to declassification are not about sources and methods, they’re about trying to save his ass and he may not compute this – but his ass is gone.”
• This whole matter is not going to be won in the courts. The Federal Court system is completely dysfunctional.
• Robert says he thinks most of the Cabal are now wearing ankle bracelets.
• He says it’s our job, over the next 30 to 45 days to educate the public on the depth and breadth of the crimes against the public by the Cabal, including not just election fraud but also Satanic pedophilia, which you can learn about for free at pedoempire.organd naked short selling, which is where Wall Street basically steals money from people by selling them stocks that they don’t own that never materialize and people are eventually fooled into thinking the stocks lost value.
“The ultimate perfect crime is to destroy a company, because once you’ve destroyed that company after stealing all the money from the stockholders, then it’s a perfect crime because no one has standing to sue, because the company’s been destroyed.
“So, there’s a trifecta, here of Satanic pedophilia, electoral and white-collar crime in the political system and naked short selling, as well as money-laundering.
• “One of the things I’m working on is getting President Trump to announce that he is going to confiscate, through civil and physical forfeiture, $100 trillion from Wall Street and they can make the deal or go to jail.
Robert finishes by jovially stating that, “We are in a brilliant moment in history!”


  1. Hallelujah!!! God bless all of the people that have had a part in draining the swamp. Revenge is Gods!! But sure wish we could at least see Hillary and Bill and Obama off to Gitmo!!!!

  2. It now 12 January: Why are all these know-It-all Commandos sitting on their asses instead of bringing this data to the Public , SCOTUS, and setting up a line of communication with their branches of the Military to stop this insane group of Democrats and Media Toads from handing are country over to Joe Dirtbag Biden?

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