Posted by: bj | December 13, 2020

New DA in Los Angeles will no longer prosecute the following offenses:

Coming to a town near you? …

“The misdemeanor charges specified below shall be declined or dismissed before arraignment and without conditions unless “exceptions” or “factors for consideration” exist.”

DA Garcon says he will no longer prosecute the following:

Trespass –Penal Code § 602(a)-(y)a.

Disturbing The Peace –Penal Code § 415(1)-(3)a.

Without A Valid License –Vehicle Code § 12500(a)-(e)a.

On A Suspended License –Vehicle Code § 14601.1(a)a.

Criminal Threats –Penal Code § 422a.

Offense related to domestic violence or hate crime

Repeat threat offenses over the preceding 24 months

Documented history of threats towards victim

Possession of a weapon capable of causing bodily injury or death  

Drug & Paraphernalia Possession –Health & Safety Code §§ 11350, 11357, 11364, & 11377a.

Possession of Alcohol –Business & Professions § 25662(a)b.

Drinking in Public –Los Angeles County Municipal Code §13.18.010c.

Under the Influence of Controlled Substance –Health & Safety Code § 11550a.

Public Intoxication –Penal Code § 647(f)a.

Loitering –Penal Code § 647(b),(c), (d), (e)a. December 13, 2020 Dec. 13December


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