Posted by: bj | March 9, 2021

Corona Virus History: CDC, NIH, Dr Fauci, CCP and Wuhan Lab Connection

Definitions: Center of Disease Control (CDC), National Institute of Health (NIH), Chinese Communist Party (CCP)

Some parts of this video have been “bleeped out” (thanks to tube owned by google) but here is the short version;

2003…………..CDC patents Corona Virus (SARS); Either the Corona virus was manufactured making it illegal because it is illegal to patent a biological / chemical weapon; or it was natural occurring making it illegal, because US code makes it illegal to patent nature. In 2007 CDC filed petitions on its patents for confidentiality, detection and measurement, giving it (CDC) control and thus the means and motive for monetary gain to take the Corona Virus from a pathogen to a profit. In 2012 – 2013 the NIH had doubts it was doing ethical “GAIN of FUNCTION RESEARCH) and suggested (with a wink) the this research should be suspended. In 2015, when the ethics of the research becomes “hot” the NIH (Fauci) offshores the research and finds the Wuhan Laboratory in China $3.7 million of US $.



  1. In the last sentence of the commentary – should the word, “finds”, actually be, “funds”?


    • Thanks James

      Robert Johnson

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