Posted by: bj | June 15, 2021

Tucker Carlson Shows Evidence the Jan 6 “MAGA demonstration” at the Capital was Instigated by the FBI and the media call it Bizarre

Anyone following the January 6, 2021 news these days should be able to figure out that the main stream media and now, evidently Fox News, believes the constant barrage of spin put out by the Biden administration, the DOJ and the FBI, etc. on the completely false information that JANUARY 6, 2021 WAS AN ARMED INSURRECTION INSTIGATED BY THOUSANDS OF MAGA TRUMP SUPPORTERS. Even Merrick Garland is now on record expousing the information that the biggest threat to the United States is right wing terrorist extremists.

This is all a bunch of nonsense meant to permanently keep Donald Trump away from Washington DC. The left is so afraid of Trump, Pelosi kept the Capital surrounded by the fences and National Guard for 5 months to promote this rhetoric FOR SHOW. The left has imprisoned , in solitary confinement, hundreds of UNARMED Trump supporters who were inside the capital or just standing in front of the building waving a Trump or American flag. The left also refuses to release any video which shows peaceful demonstrations by these MAGA supporters where the Capital Police even opened the doors and invited the demonstrators in the building.

Now, Tucker Carlson shows evidence that the FBI and DOJ was responsible for planting trouble makers and rebel rousers (bad apples) into the peaceful MAGA group of January 6 Trump supporters and the media calls it BIZARRE.


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