Posted by: bj | July 8, 2021

Biden Must Resign – The World is Laughing at the USA –

Sky News Australia on Biden. 

You have to be embarrassed for the American people as the rest of the whole world is watching your political leaders being compared to as clowns. This is a typical News broadcast from Australia & the same is happening in Europe. 

The world is laughing at the USA. Who voted for these idiots?



  1. ***If they rid the Oval Office of Biden, we will be stuck with a sub-standard, affirmative action, hyena-cackling, Kamala Harris who is unfit for any government position let along POTUS.  Following her in succession is senile and crooked Nancy Pelosi. Perhaps, if they can force Harris into resignation, she can be replaced as VP with someone who knows a modicum of US and world history, and who can speak without uncontrollable squawking, and THEN they dump Biden.But in all cases, until 2024 the US is stuck with an anti-American misfit of some sort as POTUS.  And by then, our country will be in worse shape, and could be in shambles, if not under the complete control of China.

    • Yikes

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