Posted by: bj | July 13, 2022

July 11, 2022: Biden Climate Agenda and War on Fossil Fuel Ideology Tanks Sri Lanka’s Economy

Sri Lanka, striving for an ESG rating to receive Loan Guarantees from the World Bank, goes all in on the GREEN ENERGY HOAX, and mandates oil based fertilizers be 90% eliminated by Sri Lanka farmers, creating huge shortages of food, electricity, gasoline, water and many other necessities required by normal civilizations. The GREEN ENERGY DISASTER created by those following the WORLD WIDE CLIMATE ALARMIST CULT, is creating serious economic problems in many countries. See below Current ESG scores. (Environmental – Social – Governance risk)

Video: 04:12

Sri Lanka – 98.1

Ghana – 97.1

The Netherlands _ 98.7

South Africa – 91.0

United Kingdom – 92.7

France – 92.6

Germany – 90.2

USA – 58.0

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