Posted by: bj | August 25, 2022

California Bans the Sale of Gas Powered Cars by 2035 (in 13 years)

We need to throw out these crazy NEW GREEN DEAL politicians before they completely destroy the State of California.


  1. ***If we haven’t molted into a Venezuela-type communist country, or been completely replaced with homeless and foreign sloths, Newsom and his insane co-conspirators should be long gone by then and we can begin the work of trying to rebuild the once great golden state.

  2. I have a difficult time seeing the 5th largest economy in the world and the center of the venture capitalist universe moving in the direction of communism. Maybe you think communism is a threat to capitalism, but to me communism is not even remotely a threat.

    Homelessness is a byproduct of the success of California (and a byproduct of NIMBYism), because demand for housing greatly outstrips supply.

    Not sure what you mean by foreign sloths, but it’s a long-standing and well researched view by the majority of economists that non-citizens in aggregate are a net benefit to the economy and commit crime at a lower rate than citizens. I’m sure some of them are sloths, as I’m sure some of us citizens are sloths.

    • You must be very young The younger one is the less visible these horrific events are.


      • I am very young. I’m 57…and a half.

    • When Democratic politicians make decisions on all activities that control our future rather than let THE MARKETPLACE DECIDE That is the definition of COMMUNISM. !!

    • Bill Gates putting his name on a FAR LEFTG tv station MSNBC shows his colors on capitalism and Zuckerberg spent $420 million to make sure trump was not elected. The twitter CFO same story. They are no capitalists.

  3. You must be kidding me. CA had the highest taxes in the US, 49 % of the population pays no taxes. Will soon be over 51%, people are leaving CA by the tens of thousands to states with no taxes. The CA tax base is eroding forcing higher taxes on the rest of us.

    The state is controlled 100% by democrats seeking 100% of power which is almost 100% accomplished

    This loss of freedom is THE EMERGENCE OF SOCIALISM OR COMMUNISM WHERE THE GOVERNMENT SEEKS 100% control of our lives.

  4. We are very close to the tipping point in NY, CA. NJ, Chicago, Baltimore Detroit and a few other cities and states. Once we are over the tipping point IT IS OVER.

    • Capitalism is stronger than you think. Have faith.

  5. Silicon Valley and your venture capitalists will not exist in california if this continues.

    • I’ve heard that for 30 years.

  6. By the way. Homelessness was pretty much non existent a. Few years ago. The main reason for homelessness is because the State, Counties and Cities pay $ to these people and with Covid pay them not to work and build facilities for them to shoot up in plus needles and call themselves SANCTUARY CITIES. THEY ARE BASICALLY SOLICITING THEM TO MOVE IN AND PROVIDE ALL SERVICES FOR FREE.

    • Not sure if you live in CA, but I’ve lived here since the ‘80s and homelessness has always existed. Lots of mentally ill people lost their support in the ‘80s and ended up on the streets.

      It’s worse now, for sure, but it’s more correlated to cost of living. They’ve tried many things over the years, including many progressive solutions. I think the pendulum is starting to swing back the other direction, but I think CA will always want to find a humane solution. Solving the housing problem will help quite a bit. Bolstering services for the mentally ill will also help.

      The most important thing is to respect the humanity of people. This has been an issue for a long time. Jesus spent quite a bit of time on the topic 2000 years ago.

      • I have been in California pretty much always. Moved away a few times

  7. So Notsyorb
    What are your thoughts in my comments?

    • My thoughts on your comments:

      I think you need to have more faith in the american system of government and economics.

      I think you need to have more faith in democracy (to the extent that you can call the US a democracy).

      I think your thoughts and comments are fear-based and pessimistic rather than solution-based and optimistic.

      I think your thoughts and comments are more emotional and reactionary than rational and evidence-based.

      We disagree on a bunch of stuff, but (I assume) we’re both Americans, and I celebrate that we can openly disagree and deliberate.

      • I am the most optimistic or positive person in the world and will never give up and consider myself a true believer of the America dream. But I am very concerned and upset with the direction the LEFT is taking the country.

        Hopefully the country will be back on the right track after the November 8 elections

      • When you say the left, are you referring to the whole Democratic Party or the left wing of the Democratic Party?

      • I don’t see any difference. They all vote in a block in step with the left wing on everything.

      • Do you feel the same way about the GOP…you see them as a single bloc that votes in lockstep?

      • Back to basics

        When you subsidize something you get more of it. (Homelessness, “takers”, socialism, communism)

        When you tax something your get less of it (oil, capitalism, “makers”,

      • The left being of the Democratic Party has taken over the Democratic Party

  8. What business are you in

    • Capitalism.

      I’m a consulting CFO for technology companies. How about you?

      • I’m in the commercial real estate business

  9. Where do you live.

    I’m in mill valley

    • You don’t live with your people.

      Mill Valley is awesome. I’m on the other end of the bay in Los Gatos.

      • I live with my wife and daughter

      • Los Altos is a great little town. I went to Santa Clara University then university of Alabama to graduate school.

      • I have been in California most of the time but lived in Phoenix, (3 yrs) and Jackson Hole ((5 summers)

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