Posted by: bj | September 15, 2022

Trump: “If I am indicted there will be big problems in the Country”. Trump is not threatening violence, He is Stating the Obvious.

He also said it would not affect any decision to run for President again.


  1. What would the problems be?

    • He should not have used those words. It just gives the left more fodder. But the big problems will be an even bigger landslide on November 8. Especially after The Danchenko trial Durham will be involved in on October 17

  2. Are you saying that the ‘big problems’ he was referring to was just people legally voting? Democracy? What am I missing? How is that a problem? Possibly he was referring to something else?

    • The big problem is for the left. The more they go after Trump the bigger the landslide will be on November 8.
      Especially after the John Durham facts which even more will come out during the Denchanko trial on October 17.

      Do you realize the left has had a 7 year coup to prevent him from running in 2016, get rid of him when he was president and then to prevent him from running for President again.

      What the left has put him through for 7 years is treasonous to say the least.

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