Posted by: bj | October 4, 2022

24 Months Ago, Oct. 2020, Tony Bolbulinski is all day with Tim Tebow and 5 other FBI Agents Describing Biden, Inc. China Inc. Corruption

After Mr. Bobulinski, is told by Tebow, they will have follow up interviews with him, the interviews between Bolulinski and/or his attorneys never happen. After Bobulinski is convinced the FBI is not looking into all the thousands of pages and proof of his revelations, Tony Bobulinski goes on Tucker Carlson Tonight 24 months ago, and tells the Tucker Audience “the whole story.”

Fast forward to today, October 4, 2022, After no response from the FBI in 24 months Tony Bobulinski is interviewed again by Tucker Carlson, Tonight, October 4, 2022.

Bobulinski’s goal 24 months ago was to inform the American Public about his Biden findings. The Presidential 2020 election was won by 21,501 votes in 3 counties. If the Tony Bobulinski information was disseminated by the FBI, CBS, ABC, NBC, MSNBC, CNN, PBS and other left leaning media 24 months ago, it is highly probable that Trump would still be President.

Bobulinski’s goal today is unchanged.

In summary, this is proof the FBI is and has been involved in ELECTION FRAUD and Tony Bobulinski needs to be PROTECTED AND HONOED AS A TRUE AMERICAN HERO.


  1. Please listen now

  2. This part of why over 20 whistleblowers have gone to Jim Jordan And other Republican senators and told them the whole story. The republicans can’t do anything until they retake the house on November 8 and Ho’o the senate too.

    You can not get Al your News from one source. All the sources i mentioned are lying by omission. Not directly

  3. Facts are Facts. And you are being lied to

  4. You probably think Russia is the cause of $7 gas prices too

    • OK, I’ll take the bait…what is the cause of the $7 gas prices?

  5. You are really doing yourself a dis service

    The courts will do nothing about this because the Attorney General of the USA is a Biden appointment. And we have them for 27 Months.

    Get you head out of the sand.

  6. What is the risk you take for not listening to Bobulinski for 1 hour

    • Does he have a podcast? I hate watching tv, but I’ll listen to a podcast while I’m out on a bike ride.

  7. When the FBI DOJ and mainstream media hid the Hunter Biden Computer for over 2 years and then refuse to investigate Tony Bobulinski PROOF of BIDEN FAMILY CORRUPTION for 24 months we HAVE NO RULE OF LAW AND THE FUTURE OF OUR ENTIRE COUNTRY IS A BIG TIME RISK.

  8. Thank you very much for agreeing to listen to something I recommend. You can listen to my posting on your iPhone while you are riding your bicycle. It’s 52:45 in length. But is interrupted by a few silent periods because of commercials

  9. Thank you again.

    Let me know after you listen.

  10. Are you aware that Tony Bobulinski was a partner with Joe Biden, Jim Biden, Hunter Biden And two other individuals and went to the FBI 24 months ago (for 5 hours) with thousands and thousands of documents which , he claims, prove that the Entire Biden family is engaged in a massive criminal enterprise.

    The FBI told him they would be back to him within a week and he has still never heard a word from them or been invited to testify to the Grand Jury Investigating Hunter Biden.

    This one if a hundred reasons I politely ask you to listen to his 52 minutes on tucker Carlson tonight. Last week

    • The judicial system is the platform where he can prove his claim. If he is unable to show proof in that venue, then I’m not sure what to say. We don’t adjudicate things in the media…we adjudicate in court.

      • Brian.
        When the DOJ AND FBI WILL NOT INVESTIGATE IT WILL NEVER Get to a COURT. Can’t you see it is a cover up from the beginning. The AG is not going to investigate his boss.

      • Federal agents may charge Hunter with tax crimes and a false statement t related to a gun purchase. Regarding the other stuff…there would most likely need to be good evidence of an illegal act.

        You can’t just bring charges on allegations…otherwise Trump would be in the big house.

      • Bobulinski has the proof and the FBI REFUSES TO INVESTIGATE. After the republicans sweep congress on Nov 8 they will investigate on their own and get rid of the January 6 bull shit. The only way out for Biden may be to pardon himself.

      • “Bobulinski has the proof and the FBI REFUSES TO INVESTIGATE”

        Proof of what, exactly? I see his allegations about “10% to the big guy” and things like that which obviously wouldn’t hold up in court. What proof specifically does he have? I’m seriously curious about this.

      • If you listen to the interview you will learn. You did promise to do that. If nothing else you will find it very interesting and a preview of what may look ahead

      • By the way. The left and media have been after trump for 7 and investigating him for ever and never found anything. He is totally innocent.

      • You should be following the Durham court proceedings against the Russian disinformation link. Today AN FBI AGENT TESTIFIED THAT THE FBI PAID HIM $1 million to lie about trump which resulted in 3 or 4 court approved actions against Trump which resulted in nothing. This is despicable.

      • When are you going to listen to the Tucker / Bobulinski interview. 52:45.

      • I read a bit about it (transcript) and I can’t find anything that implicates the president. I can see that Hunter may be on the take, and imply that his father is involved to get a lucrative contract, but I seriously can’t follow the trail to the president. And there’s the $31M…what are the details on that. No details…and nothing traced to prez. It’s all really vague with a bunch of implications. Where’s the beef?

  11. These people are criminals

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