Posted by: bj | March 31, 2023

Jason Whitlock: I’ve Never Voted Before, But the Left Has Made me Hardcore MAGA & Ready For Whatever Is Next


  1. I think it’s deeply ironic that the leader of party so obsessed with locking up the opponent in 2016 is being indicted.

    Clinton was made to testify in front of congress at least twice. No charges were levied despite the investigations. Regardless of the outcome of all the investigations, there were GOP ‘lock her up’ chants in 2016.

    If 45 did it, and it was illegal, then he should pay the price. I have no idea whether he did anything illegal or not, but I believe in the US system of government, including the judicial branch, and I believe the truth will come out. I would say the exact same thing about Hunter Biden or Clinton, or anyone else. That’s what you call rule of law. Or as the GOP likes to say, “RULE OF LAW.”

    The one thing that this whole GOP freak out session has made very clear is that the GOP does not believe in rule of law…but they certainly love to pretend to, at high volume.

    • All I can say is you absolutely need to listen to tucker Carlson right now. You are so brainwashed it is sinful. There is one law for the left and another one for the right and you are too blind to even see it.

      • Tucker Carlson isn’t news, it’s opinion. And disclosures during the Dominion case show that he knowingly deceived the viewers. They also disclose that he dislikes Trump more than I do, yet he knew it was good for ratings to boost Trump. You should know that Tucker Carlson is not an honest broker. He’s whipping you into a frenzy for ratings. It’s all out in the open thanks to the Dominion case. Stop suggesting I watch him…I have higher standards than that. If you want to refer me to straight news on Fox, that’s fine, but Carlson is completely untrustworthy. Cheers.

      • Watch it and Hannity for a week and tell me it’s not news. It is the ONLY TRUTH FULL NEWS THERE IS

      • Carlson doesn’t even think it’s news. He just says, “I’m only asking questions.”

        I know the difference between News and opinion. Carlson pursues ratings before honesty. We just found that out in the Dominion discovery.

      • Neither are news. Fox, CNN, MSNBC, etc, have straight news shows, and opinion shows that sometimes masquerade as news. You need to learn the difference. Everyone should be able to discern between the two.

        Ignore the pundits on the right and left and focus on the straight news. But you need to get your news from different sources, because the editors decide what stories they’re going to follow and which ones they ignore. For instance, Fox has not covered the Dominion case as much as other channels, because it’s going very poorly for them, exposing hypocrisy and known falsehoods. They knowingly fed the base lies to get ratings.


      • The GOP has the house of reps. The house has oversight powers. If there’s something there w/Hunter’s laptop, the house can investigate and prong it to light. If they don’t investigate, then there’s nothing there. Simple as that. If you think the FBI can stop congress, you’re wrong.

    • And 95 % of the media looks the other way.

      • Did you know that 79% of statistics are just made up right on the spot?

  2. If you care about the future of the country I suggest you pray.

    Even top liberal attorneys say this is the biggest mistake v the left could ever do to threaten the future of America.

    • Who?

  3. Are you aware that this has been a 7?year coup to get trump an it to will not succeed.

    Are you aware that storme danials signed a documents in 2018 saying that she and Trump never had an affair.

    He was extorted

    • And she was paid very handsomely for that. I wonder why.

      You don’t actually believe he was extorted, do you? He bragged about committing sexual assault on camera, for goodness sakes! He literally bragged about sexually assaulting women! On camera!! Jeez!

      • “Mr. Trump has also denied having sex with Ms. Daniels and has taken to calling her ‘Horseface.’ She has responded by referring to the ‘shortcomings’ of the 45th president.”

        You could not display less class than Trump if you tried. He’s just a classless void with zero ethical compass, and the religious right laps it up. Of course the religious right used the Bible to justify slavery, so I guess you could say they’re consistent.

      • Also – in between Carlson’s segments on Hunter Biden, can you please ping me when Tucker Carlson has a show questioning the $400 million that Trump’s daughter and son-in-law has made so far from the middle east solely because of daddy? Makes Hunter look like small potatoes, huh?

        No need to set a reminder though, because I guarantee that show will never happen.

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