Posted by: bj | May 15, 2023

Eliminate Fossil Fuels and the world is back in the 1800’s

And the climate warming frauds use false data and “Junk Science” in their “Climate Warming” models to achieve their desired result


  1. Follow the money…

  2. You’re REALLY I’m the minority regarding science on man made climate change.

    The vast majority of actively publishing climate scientists – 97 percent!!! – agree that humans are causing global warming and climate change, according to NASA. But maybe you also don’t believe we landed on the moon.

    • You are part of the majority that is being brainwashed by the media. You and them are not doing Al your homework.

    • As you say. FOLLOW THE $. They are following this green climate hoax because the government keeps funding all their COMPUTER MODELING AND NONSENSE.

      • Homework assignment: 1) how much money is used to fund govt programs on climate research; 2) what is the total value on the publicly available balance sheet for, say, ExxonMobil, that represents the oil they own that has not yet been pulled out of the ground; 3) what percentage of those total assets is ExxonMobil compared to all public, private and state-owned petrochemical companies on this planet.

        Let me know when you have an answer.

        (Hint: #3 is way, way, way bigger than #1)

        THAT is what I mean by follow the money…

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