Posted by: bj | September 6, 2009

Canadian Example of Obama’s Proposed Health Care Plan for the US

This is a u-tube video about a gentleman from Canada who was told it would take 4 months to schedule an MRI to see if he had brain cancer, and if he did, another 4 months to schedule the surgery.  If he did have brain cancer, the odds were he could be dead by the time the Canadian government, single payer, health system would provide him the operation, for free.

He arranged for the MRI in the US.  When the MRI indicated  he indeed did have brain cancer, the Canadian government refused to quickly arrange for an operation.  He had the operation performed in the US.

Obama and the liberal congress want the same, single payer system, which Canada has for everyone in the US, except the top federal government employees (President & Executive branch, Congress and the Judiciary and other select government employees).

If the single payer plan is adopted by the Congress in the US, according to the Canadian’s physician, his biggest problem with this for him would be:  “I will not have a country to send my patients to any more”.

What insurance program do you want?  The free one from the government (which you pay taxes for) or the one you pay your insurance company for?

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